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Hey y’all,

I have to send ENORMOUS amounts of apologies to everyone.  I was all set to move forward and seriously get this started when I had a setback (personally and with my family).

My mom ended up having surgery and was in the hospital for a few days and has been in a nursing home since that time. I have been pulling double duty between both families (I have an elderly father who doesn’t realize his age, but still acts like a teenager sometimes.  He needs an eye on him every once in a while). 😉 I, personally, have fibromyalgia (chronic pain condition) and one of my triggers is stress, which increases not only my pain, but my blah-ness/lack of spunkiness.  Needless to say, this time has been pretty hectic.

So, with that said, I’ll still be doing what I can and hopefully in a few weeks I can go back to full throttle!!

Thanks for understanding in advance!

Have a good day and ‘Happy Reading, y’all’!! 🙂

Review- The Silver Swan by Amo Jones

WOW, where do I start? This is a first time for me reading anything by Amo Jones and let me tell she quickly became a favorite author for me. The Silver Swan was incredible. It was dark, twisty & full of surprises that had you guessing where the story might lead (note to others, just let the story take you & try not to guess where it’s going)!

This book is a cross between Fallen Crest, the movie The Skulls (with Joshua Jackson, 2000) & a slightly twisted mafia/crime boss scenario. Honestly, at first reading (yes I read it twice, because I couldn’t get it out of my head), I was slightly frustrated with our heroine, Madison Montgomery. She definitely had a pair of lady balls, but as the book progressed, I felt that she lost some of her spunk. Those lady balls had turned more into a pair of baby balls. Did this turn me off to the book? Heck no, because I read it twice! Ultimate Mind F@ck and I LOVED IT!!

The hero/heroes in this book are just as mysterious and a total mind f@ck. There are a pack of 10 bad boys, but Bishop Vincent Hayes is the ‘leader of the pack’. There are so many secrets between family, individual characters & characters as a group.

After my second reading, I ABSOLUTELY LOVED this book. I had the biggest book hangover for almost a week & then Ms. Jones revealed the outrageously beautiful cover to the second book, ‘The Broken Puppet’. By the way, my hangover has returned in full force. I am so addicted to this series.

Here is a brief synopsis of The Silver Swan:
After some upsetting family drama, Madison’s father has finally decided to relocate themselves to a more permanent location. She ends up at Riverside Prep and instantly feels something is different in this new school. She goes through some instant family issues that make her feel somewhat unbalanced. She catches the eye of Bishop and the rest of The Elite Kings on her first day and isn’t sure what to make of it. She doesn’t understand why people tell her that they run the school and she should stay away. Along her journey she becomes entranced with The Kings and can’t stay away. The question is, ‘Will she get burned being to close to the Kings’?

If you’re looking for a good book that is dark, twisted and makes you longing for more, give The Silver Swan a read!