Review– Until I Fall by Claudia Burgoa

Until I Fall is a wonderful story between Aspen Zimmerman (ER doctor) and Anderson ‘Hawk’ Hawkins (private security officer/tattoo artist). Aspen has gone through pain and loss in her earlier life that has determined the course of her current life.  She has been struggling to deal with this through working in the ER and at a free clinic (along with some self-medicating). When a close friend gets sick, Aspen proceeds to put her emotional walls up further.

One night she encounters a sexy and mysterious stranger while outside her house, who says he is a tattoo artist. She feels an attraction there that she hasn’t felt in a while.  Later, she finds out that this stranger happens to be the son of her neighbor that she deeply cares for. When asked by Hawk to look after his mother while he goes ‘out of town for work’, she agrees, but feels that there is something wrong with his story.

This is a beautiful, emotional and heartwarming book that shows the true strength of the main characters when they become truly engrossed with each other’s life and their own relationship. They are both fighters, but need each other to bring that strength to a full force. It takes them a while to realize that they are better together than apart.

I haven’t read a book by this author before, however, I will be reading more. This is a book that had me thinking long after I was done and I look forward to reading more!

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