Review–The Opposite of You by Rachel Higginson

The Opposite of You (Opposites Attract, #1)

5.0 stars – This is my first Rachel Higginson book and I absolutely loved it.  I’m hoping my review can bring to life the wonderful imagery and story telling that she brings to this book.

“And Killian wasn’t just any guy. He was everything cool, strong and masculine. So very different than me—weird, weak and feminine. We couldn’t have been bigger opposites”.

Vera is a 26-year-old culinary graduate who has decided to open a food truck in the parking lot of her brothers Cycle shop.  She has had a troubled past since graduating 4 years prior and has decided that this was her new start. She is witty, warm hearted to friends and family and is trying to regain some backbone that she has lost over the years. Fortunately, (or unfortunately), her brothers shop is across the street from a restaurant with a well-known and highly decorated chef, Killian Quinn, whom she suspects is like other male chefs (arrogant, douche like and controlling).

Now this book isn’t just a ‘slow burn’ romance book, tougher topics are brought into play, such as domestic violence.  Despite this issue (which is something never to laugh about), this book had so many zingers & witty banter that I was giggling and outright laughing in spots.

Killian: “Do you hate salt?”

Vera: “No, I don’t hate salt.”

Killian: “Then why do you abuse it like you do? It’s a supporting actor, not the star of the show. It should enhance the flavor, not slap you in the face with it.”

So, what does our wonderful heroine do? She goes out to buy a deer salt lick to have it delivered to Killian. (You go, girl!)

Secondary characters are great as well.  Each one with such depth and personality.  Early on, Vera befriends a worker from Lilou by the name of Wyatt. He had sort of become the ‘Foodie’ honorary mascot, while secretly bringing food for Killian to taste.

Wyatt: “I’m so sorry.”

Vera: “Sorry for what?”

Wyatt: “I didn’t think he’d have notes for you. I swear.”

Vera: “Notes? Who had notes?”

Wyatt: “Killian”

(note from Killian): Try harder

I’m not afraid to admit that Killian brings a whole new level of ‘Lumbersexual’ to a new book boyfriend status. Ms. Higginson also brought forth a new dimension by adding that he was chef. Dang, he was good character. Prime example to not judge a book by its cover, but what a cover! 🙂

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