Defy by LJ Shen–Another teacher/student romance book (but not just any teacher/student romance)

Defy (Sinners of Saint) by [Shen, L.J.]

5.0 stars—First and foremost, this book may be only a novella, but PLEASE don’t let the length fool you.  It was seriously good with some serious steam!

Defy is another teacher/student taboo romance, however, Jamie acts so mature it’s hard to remember that he is 18.

 ‘“Ballet has always come first. Before men and before me. For a while I’d actually thought it was enough. Until it wasn’t.”

Melody Greene is an English Lit teacher who has had here true dreams destroyed. She is currently working at a very prestigious high school that caters to the wealthy and powerful families of the area.  Her principal hates her for various reasons, she is doing something that she dislikes and has somehow disappointed her parents now that she is no longer in ballet at Julliard.

Jamie Followhill is a senior at All Saints High and is considered one of the four HotHoles who rule the school. He has severely been lusting after Mel since she arrived at school. Through a premeditated accident he gets his hooks in her by insinuating it was his fault.

“I owe you.” he murmured darkly. “And I’ll make sure you get to cash in on the debt. Soon. Very soon”.

Despite the eight-year-old age difference, Jamie and Mel had some serious chemistry and seemed to fit together like puzzle pieces. I seriously want more of them.

LJ Shen has written a great book with such defined and descriptive characters that it was hard not to fall in love with them.  I have not read Vicious yet, but look forward delving into that character.

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