So. Toxic by Kelley Harvey


Ok, so I’m seriously conflicted with this book. I wanted to LOVE it, but some storyline issues prevented me from giving it five stars.

This book is based on a small novella from an anthology collection of novellas. I read this novella and thought it would make a great story, just because I wanted to see more of Ty & Jo.  The transition in the beginning from previous work to current work was missing a little more detail. For instance: there was no explanation of how he became super wealthy with his own company when he was crashing with his buddy in a duplex. In the beginning, he was portrayed as a playboy, but almost overnight turned into the settling down kind of man for different reasons.

Now, the second half of the book, I ABSOLUTELY loved. Ty & Jo together were perfection. They were the yin to each other’s yang. It has a super sweet ending, but plenty of heat throughout the book. Would I read more from this author? Absolutely, she has a great writing style as well as characters that are likeable. Unfortunately, because of the transition issues in the beginning, I give it 3.9 stars. I, so, wanted to give it 4.0, but I just couldn’t. Kelley Harvey is an author that you don’t want to miss out on.

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