Fear the Beard by Lani Lynn Vale


Two words for you, Dr. Tommy (sigh). Everybody (woman or man) needs one in their life.  He is one delectable man who happens to tick a lot of romance boxes. Hot, check. In a motorcycle club, check. Tattoos, check. Alpha, completely check. Good with babies, an ovary splitting check (keep them ovaries in check ladies while reading this one). Professor-student romance, check.

Tommy and Tally are just an honest, raw & completely hot couple. Dr. Tommy falls head over heels for Tally’s little daughter and is completely protective of Tally, even before they get together.  Tally is a fiercely independent and strong heroine. She is trying to finish nursing school to take better care of her infant daughter as well as to better herself.

She is close to graduation when she must do an internship in the local ER. Now, if she didn’t see Dr. Tommy in class, she now had to see him in the ER department, proving to be almost too much temptation for her to handle.

This is a very steamy, no cheating, HEA with a great epilogue book.  I, highly recommend Fear the Beard.


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