Awesome book with a different type of Hero! Villain by Jackie Wang


Villain is dark, salacious and emotionally gut-wrenching. I wouldn’t necessarily call this a ‘romance’ but more like a relationship through a dark journey. Simply put, it was AWESOME!

Ryder was a character that you just had to ‘feel’ for. He wasn’t the typical Alpha hero that was rocking that swagger and machismo. He was a hurt and damaged boy who turned into a man looking for revenge. Through the course of this story he learned a lot about himself, the world and others he interacted with.

“This woman was fucking gorgeous, a ten out of ten; perfect proportions. C-cup tits, legs that went on forever.”

Cally was not your stereotypical heroine. She may have been blonde, was a princess in her daddy’s eye and was accustomed to the finer things in life, but she could definitely take care of herself. She was refined.

“He was also at least ten years older than me, and looked like a younger version of Johnny Depp. Depp from Donnie Brasco. Roguish. Magnetic. Hot. Rugged bad boy types turned me on.”

Ryder is a thirty-eight-year-old man who was physically and mentally abused years earlier by his own father. At the age of seventeen, an incident happened at his house that his father had punished him and banished him from his home with nothing but the clothes on his back and whatever he could pack into a backpack. His father was a prominent senator and Ryder felt that he had no choice, but to follow his commands.

A few years later, he met a man who would give him a job opportunity.  Unfortunately, for Ryder this was not the promise of a better future that he thought.  His life was irrevocably changed from then on.

Upon meeting Cally, he fell for her but didn’t expect to have her want to do anything with him.

“You make me wish I was a different man, Cally. Someone with integrity. With a good family background and nice upbringing. I wish I was the type of man you could brag about to your friends and family. The type of man who could take care of you, provide for you. And give you everything you’ve ever wanted.”

Jackie Wang painted a wonderful story, complete with emotions, descriptions of characters so vivid you can picture them along with a possible happy ending? You need to read Villain to find out the true twisty-turviness of Ryder and Cally’s relationship.

5 stars

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