The Billionaire and the Assistant–Review

The Billionaire and the Assistant: Eli's story (The Billionaires Book 3)The Billionaire and the Assistant: Eli’s story by Gisele St. Claire
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really loved Eli and Alex together (notice I said together). Prior to getting to this point, they spent four years as boss and assistant. Neither wanting to cross the line for fear of losing the other in a professional working relationship.
Eli ends up losing a bet to his friend, Aidan, and he has to ask his assistant to his ex-wife marriage. Despite all of this, he still chickens out and doesn’t do it. Through the magic of writing, they eventually get it together, but I won’t tell you how.
Overall, it was a very nice read, but there were two things that bothered me. 1) Alex is 48 years-old (with a 24 year-old daughter). He’s this billionaire that’s ruthless and a prestigious businessman, but he can’t grow a pair and ask his assistant out. Really? My grandmother always used to say, ‘s*@t or get off the pot’. I can’t tell you how many times I was saying that to him. 2) I was going to say the other thing that irked me was his daughter. Now I understand they had extenuating circumstances at home that turned her into becoming this spoiled princess, but really you’re 24, get it together girl! (Sorry for the mini rant)!
Like I said, despite this I really did enjoy this book. It’s a nice, quick little read with a HEA.

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