Baz by KB Winters–Review

Baz (CAOS MC Book 5)Baz by KB Winters
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Due to conflicting futures in mind, Trina left Baz eleven years earlier. Little did Baz know (or Trina officially), when she left she was pregnant.
Fast forward to present day. Trina wasn’t actually planning on returning home, but it was the place she felt the safest (which will come into play when you read the book). Trina and Jack (their son) accidentally meet each other at the local diner. Baz knew without a doubt Jack was his son. The problem is convincing Trina that he is worthy to be in their lives and the man she originally fell in love with.
I, unfortunately, didn’t get to read the previous books in the series before this one, but that didn’t interfere with the flow of the story. I have since rectified this and bought the past ones simply because I want to read the stories that got these couples to where they are now. Do yourself a favor and one-click this book. You won’t be disappointed.

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