Royal Baby by Layla Valentine–Review

Royal Baby: His Unplanned Heir - A Prince's Secret Baby RomanceRoyal Baby: His Unplanned Heir – A Prince’s Secret Baby Romance by Layla Valentine
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sasha is a wedding planner from the states who is vacationing in Italy and ends up in San Paluzzi. On one of her last days before returning home, she runs into Antonio on the beach. She immediately feels a connection with him.

Antonio, on the other hand, is quickly approaching his thirtieth birthday and has heard some troubling news from his parents (the king and queen). That’s right, he is Prince Antonio. While meeting Sasha he blurts out that he’s getting married and asks her to plan his wedding. There are numerous ups and downs, along with some disastrous moments before they can get him to the alter. Following this, Sasha eventually returns home heartbroken, but is she necessarily alone?

This a very sweet, wonderfully written book. It doesn’t follow the typical patterns of some royal books (boy and girl meet, fall in love…voila, Prince Charming found and they lived happily ever after). There are moments of reflection, true and honest soul searching, as well as emotional growth. Layla Valentine is a new to me author, but I would definitely read another book from her.

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