Southern Attraction by Kaylee Ryan–Review


Southern Attraction is the third book in the Southern Heart series. This book focuses on Mike and Jamie, whom had been introduced previously. Despite this, Southern Attraction can be read as a standalone without too much confusion.

Mike Is a country boy who runs Mike’s Tavern, which is a third-generation family business, with his sister, Olivia. He happens to be the stereotypical southern gentleman, whom is kind, loves his momma, respects his daddy and cherishes women in his life.

Jamie is a Chicago city girl through and through. She works as a paralegal and has big career aspirations. She is an only child, but her parents live in Chicago as well.  Until recently, her best friend Whit (who happens to be Mike’s cousin) had lived in Chicago, but now lives in Kentucky with her fiancée.

About six months prior, Jamie came for a visit and got introduced to the whole group. This is where she first meets Mike. They had an instant attraction, but realized she was only here for a short amount of time.  Currently, Jamie is helping Whit get prepared and organized for her upcoming wedding, leaving time for Jamie and Mike to get reacquainted and see if there is a future for them. Mike is such a great guy, it was very hard to not root for him throughout the book.

Kaylee Ryan did an incredible job of writing this sweet, funny and sexy book about friends to lovers that I devoured it in one sitting. Miles may separate these two, but sometimes heart and head don’t always see eye to eye.  So, which one wins? One click and find out!!

In love Jamie and Mike are perfection together!In love

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