Lost For You by Jayne Frost–Review

Lost-For-you-CoverLost For You by Jayne Frost is a first read for me from this author.  Let me just say, Holy hail Mary’s was this an incredibly well conceived and well written book.  The themes that are a part of this story are so true to the world and oneself.

Taryn, Chase and Beckett complete this menagerie of characters. Taryn and Beckett have a history together and not necessarily a good one. Five years prior, they both experienced a massive life change that affected them both. They would work through this issue in their own way, but would they recover?

‘What we had, it was real. So real, it evolved. Like our matching tattoos, there was no end for Beckett and me.’

Present day Taryn is now a music manager who works with her good friend, Tori. As with Beckett, Tori is also recovering from that massive life change. Tori’s company, Twin Souls, is a premier management company that manages over one hundred acts. However, there are only three that matter, Leveraged, Revenged Theory and Drafthouse. Between Tori and Taryn, they are a force to be reckoned with.

On a visit to Starbucks, Taryn inadvertently runs into Chase. At this point, Chase is going to pursue her relentlessly for a single date. Neither Taryn nor Chase are looking for anything permanent. However, Chase knew she was someone special.

‘I skimmed the lyrics for the song I’d just composed…about a woman I’d spent less than ten minutes with…Taryn Ayers.’

Chase is man with a pure soul with an emotional heart, but he has many demons that are both in the past and present. He is a successful business mogul, land developer and older brother to Cameron. Cameron is a member of a successful band. This band is looking to be signed by Twin Souls. One of Chase’s business is a bar called, Night Owl, that he works at as a bartender. People don’t know he is the owner and he likes it this way. However, being present at Night Owl, is a constant trigger to one of his demons.

‘Soul Bound. Hope Drowned. Redemption Found.’

Once Taryn agrees to go on a date with Chase, she reveals to him that she isn’t a one night stand kind of girl. Chase admits that he isn’t a relationship kind of guy. They agree to be friends, as to avoid the ‘friends with benefits’ moniker. Over the course of their ‘relationship’, many secrets and demons come to light. When these demons come to light, is it something that they can both handle? Will Taryn be able to handle it? Can Taryn and Chase fight to make things right?

The secondary characters were as part of this book as Taryn and Chase were. The interaction between Tori and Logan at the end of the book was hilarious. I can’t wait for their story to come to life (🤞fingers crossed🤞). If there is one thing I had to choose that bothered me, it was the ‘triangle’ involving Beckett and Taryn. It went on a little long before a conclusion was found. With that being said, that link was wrapped up nicely.

I absolutely flipping LOVED this book. I was completely drawn in from beginning to end. I really felt for Taryn and Chase. Their individual stories were so well written and emotionally pulling, that I was feeling empathetic to them as opposed to sympathetic. Truly well written! The pacing and plotline were excellent with never a dull moment. Lost For You is a raw, gritty and emotionally sexy read.

5 stars

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