Under His Skin by J Haney–review

One thing I love in a book is a strong female lead. With Charlie, we have that and more. She’s feisty, one of a kind, is very artistic, packs a gun and drives a big truck and motorcycle. Charlie is a tattoo artist in TN.

Dorian is originally from LA and is the ‘Amusement Park Prince’ from the family owned business. Due to a little indiscretion in LA, his family sends him to TN to open Gallagher’s Galaxy Fun Park, but because of what he did, he is sent there with a bodyguard, Connor. Connor is scouting the area and vetting different tattoo shops for Dorian to get a tattoo. In doing this, he comes across Charlie’s shop.

Charlie agrees to doing Dorian’s back piece after hours. While in the process of doing his tattoo, these two-start talking and begin to get to know each other. On paper, they are a case of complete opposites and have spirited talks, yet they seem to work.

Under His Skin is a romantic suspense with episodes of mystery. This revolves around Dorian’s foolishness is LA. I loved everything about this book. The characters are well defined, the pacing and storyline is excellent. Now that question is, what happens between Charlie and Dorian? Is there a HEA? Do yourself a favor and pick up Under His Skin to find out!!

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