Fighter’s Claim by D.D. Galvan–Review

Let me start by saying this is a new author with a first-time book. With that being said, Fighter’s Claim was not that bad for a first book. This story revolves around Tish, her best friend Jiji and Jiji’s brother, Jameson (aka Fighter) and his MC the Devils Wind.

Tish has been friends with Jiji since they were pre-teens. She is on her way to pick up Jiji, whom still lives at home with her mother and stepfather. When Tish arrives to pick her up, she finds herself some trouble with Jiji’s stepfather and rescues Jiji, leaving in a mad dash to go find Fighter. When the girls show up battered and bruised at the MC, Fighter is steaming mad and wants to seek vengeance. However, more pressing matters take priority like getting the girls medical attention and healed.

Tish has always had a crush on Jameson and still finds him extremely attractive. Upon seeing Tish, he realizes that she is no longer the little string bean attached to a mouth, but a woman who is all grown up. He is instantly attracted to her and has no problem ‘claiming’ her publicly and privately. They have a long way to go though, to have that coveted HEA.

For a first-time author/book, I thoroughly enjoyed it. MC books are like crack to me and I can’t get enough of them. There can be good ones and not so good ones. This one falls on the 👍 category. There are a couple very minute issues I have though. The story at times was a little repetitive with just certain sayings/reminders and a little choppy. It is a catch 22, where it was choppy is where it’s repetitive and vice versa. Otherwise, I would happily read the rest of the books as they come out. If you are worried about this being a graphic MC book, you don’t need to be. As far as MC books go, this was like a ‘MC book light’.


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