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Burn Me Anthology—Cover Reveal


Title: Burn Me Anthology
Authors: F.G. Adams, Janine Infante Bosco, 
Meagan Brandy, LK Collins, Tracie Douglas, 
Kim Jones, Kristen Hope Mazzola, S. Moose, 
Aimee Noalane, Kaylee Ryan, Mayra Statham, 
Shantel Tessier, & Winter Travers
Genre: Romance Anthology
Cover Design: Tracie Douglas
Photographer: Aunt Kris Photos
Model: Al Spinelli
Release Date: February 6, 2018
Thirteen authors
have joined forces to bring you their sizzling stories-some sweet, some
five-alarm hot, but all for a good cause. Burn Me is an anthology to raise
money for Hope For Heroes Foundation, which helps military, fire, police, and
EMS personnel who’ve experienced life-altering disabilities while in the line
of duty. Follow the antics and adventures of these incredible firefighters in
what promises to be one of the hottest compilations yet! This delectable
anthology begs the question: Can anyone resist a hero in uniform?
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Silent Song by Jaci Wheeler–Review: An unforgettable book that will stay with you!

Silent Song Ebook Cover.jpgThis is an utterly, amazing, emotionally driven story into the deaf community. Ms. Wheeler wrote an amazing book that still lingers in my brain and I got done reading it almost four days ago. Silent Song is the first foray into contemporary romance. Her normal trope to this point has been paranormal, but I would excitedly read another of her books, especially if they lean towards the contemporary.

It was so well written. It had an excellent storyline, plot, as well as, incredible writing. Due to the subject matter at hand, it was exhausting and time consuming to read, however, I don’t knock her for this. I, truly, felt sympathetic with how the ‘non-hearing’ community must feel every day. The execution of it was exquisite.

If you’re looking for something schmexy, this book isn’t necessarily it. It has a few hot moments, but it mostly leans towards the ‘non-sex’ contemporary romance. What was done well was the emotions and feelings between Barrett and Presley.

Barrett is a ‘non-hearing’ eighteen-year-old senior, who has suffered major tragedies in his life. You then throw in that he is deaf and everything seems impossible. Barrett’s background/backstory is heart-breaking. For someone who, is only eighteen he has suffered and taken on a lot. I absolutely LOVED him.

Presley is different from him in every way. First and foremost, she can hear, she comes from money, is very outgoing and by appearance’s it seems she has it all together and that things are going well for her. They aren’t. She has family issues galore. She is a trust fund baby, who has two sizeable ones. She is under an enormous amount of stress to be the perfect daughter and follow in her family’s shoes. They are all surgeons and she is expected to be one as well. Instead, she transfers out of Yale to attend a much smaller school approximately 3,000 miles away to study Music Therapy. She is the only one that believes in herself and is following her heart. She knows immediately that she has done the right thing. She has a great roommate, and loves her internships. Presley really exceeds with sympathizing with her patients and has a knack for her major. (Side note: Music Therapy is a phenomenal field to be in. One may think you are playing with music/instruments and that is it. Jaci Wheeler has written this field PERFECTLY, because it truly is so much more and can do wonderful things for people}. Ok, side note done!

Randomly, she meets Barrett one night and rushes to help him, when things go bad. They were connected ever since. The thing is it wasn’t immediate love/lust at first sight. They were acquaintances, who turned into friends that turned into more. It was an incredibly sweet, touching and heartwarming storyline, which was very realistic.

Silent Song had me entranced with the merging of the hearing and non-hearing worlds, I was in tears both happy and sad and longing for more from these two. If you are looking for a well written, true to life story that ends with a HEA, this is the book for you.

*(when it comes to the Music Therapy parts, I will tell you honestly that it was written true to life. In another life, I was an Occupational Therapist and worked with Music Therapists. The struggles that Presley goes through regarding this major are spot on and the enormous highs and lengths she goes to for her patients are also spot on. Kudos, Jaci, for writing a true to life storyline for Presley, regarding the MT).

Silent Song Teaser 1

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5 stars

Mr. Wrong by Alessandra Hart–Review

Jacob is a big time TV actor who is hoping to break onto the big screen. He was meeting his buddy at work and overhears a colleague pissing and moaning about his recent ex-girlfriend. Jacob is completely uninterested until he hears that this ex, Nora, stole the man’s dog.
confused funny memes GIF
So, back to Jacob and his friend. They finally make it out to a bar and decide (after drinking), that they should help his colleague out. The thing is neither one of them really knows him. Obviously, Jacob doesn’t, but his friend knows him about just as much as Jacob does. They decide that Jacob is going to take her out on an epically bad date, be an arsehole and overall, show her a bad time. Ultimately at the end of the night, he is going to steal the dog back.

Now, I’m very confused on how I feel with this one. Who would really go through with a revenge plot for someone they don’t even know? I could sort of understand if it was one of your good friends, but not an unknown type of person. Jacob is portrayed as a manwhore/player, yet it didn’t come across that way very much. The first part of the book, I had difficulty with Jacob. He seemed very immature and childlike. It was a weird juxtaposition of how he was described. I was expecting an alpha, arsehole, manwhore player. What I got in the beginning of the book was a combination of the science and chess nerd. It may sound rough, but I didn’t totally hate him, it was just a let down from what I was expecting (the second half was much better).

I LOVE strong willed heroines with a backbone., however, I’m not sure Nora was it. She had her moments where she had fiery outbursts, but they were inconsistent. Despite all this, there were many moments of witty/sarcastic banter, humor, sadness, flying sparks, mystery and nail biting until you figure out what’s going to happen!! I would read another book from Alessandra Hart!

Fighter’s Claim by D.D. Galvan–Review

Let me start by saying this is a new author with a first-time book. With that being said, Fighter’s Claim was not that bad for a first book. This story revolves around Tish, her best friend Jiji and Jiji’s brother, Jameson (aka Fighter) and his MC the Devils Wind.

Tish has been friends with Jiji since they were pre-teens. She is on her way to pick up Jiji, whom still lives at home with her mother and stepfather. When Tish arrives to pick her up, she finds herself some trouble with Jiji’s stepfather and rescues Jiji, leaving in a mad dash to go find Fighter. When the girls show up battered and bruised at the MC, Fighter is steaming mad and wants to seek vengeance. However, more pressing matters take priority like getting the girls medical attention and healed.

Tish has always had a crush on Jameson and still finds him extremely attractive. Upon seeing Tish, he realizes that she is no longer the little string bean attached to a mouth, but a woman who is all grown up. He is instantly attracted to her and has no problem ‘claiming’ her publicly and privately. They have a long way to go though, to have that coveted HEA.

For a first-time author/book, I thoroughly enjoyed it. MC books are like crack to me and I can’t get enough of them. There can be good ones and not so good ones. This one falls on the 👍 category. There are a couple very minute issues I have though. The story at times was a little repetitive with just certain sayings/reminders and a little choppy. It is a catch 22, where it was choppy is where it’s repetitive and vice versa. Otherwise, I would happily read the rest of the books as they come out. If you are worried about this being a graphic MC book, you don’t need to be. As far as MC books go, this was like a ‘MC book light’.


Royal Ruin by Jessica Peterson–Review

Royal Ruin Ebook Cover

I am a HUGE sucker for royalty type books. When I came across a blurb of Royal Ruin, I knew this one had to be mine. Royal Ruin is the first book that I’ve read from Jessica Peterson and I wasn’t disappointed.

This is the royal romance book that encompasses the relationship of Emily and Price Christopher (aka. Kit). In a way, this is a second chance romance, however, it was only briefly touched upon. Emily and Kit knew each other back in college, when Kit was her TA (teaching assistant) for a course. There were some sparks formed, but it was more of a mutual respect. meaning Emily enjoyed Kit the man, not necessarily Kit the prince. Due to an incidence, things became H-O-T very quickly, however, it was proven that now was not the time for them.

‘Emily had been the only girl who’d ever made me reckless.’

Fast forward ten years and MANY things have happened during their separation. Now, of course, I can’t tell you everything, but I will give you the gist of it. Emily owns her own design company and has an interview with Princess Jane (Kit’s sister) to redo a school that is funded through the royal foundation. Historical things are Emily’s specialty and what she loves to work on. However, during her interview something happens that has her seeing a blast from the past. She is brought face to face with Kit. Both are reliving those sparks that had been formed, but keep in mind, they are totally different people now due to their ten-year gap. This history (which neither one knows about) makes them leery of investigating those feelings.

Now we get to the good stuff!! Princess Jane has had some negative press and the Queen makes a suggestion to Kit to get some positive press. Needless to say, he realizes that his grandmother is right, but is cautious with who she suggests as to take his potential consort. The Queen wants Kit to propose to Emily and look like they are deeply in love for the next few months to gain some positivity towards the royals. As you can imagine this could lead to humorous, fun, emotional and sexy times.

Emily is very jaded when it comes to love/relationships and anything that represents intimacy. As it is necessary for the two of them to look like they are in love this could pose a problem. The last decade Kit has had to lock down his feelings, emotions, body language, etc., so you can imagine that this is a difficult task for him. However, it doesn’t take long for him to have fully rekindled those feelings for Emily that he had ten years prior. Ms. Emily is a different story. She had a back and forth relationship with Kit. The concept of one step forward and two steps back fits her.

Despite this emotional back and forth, there were some extremely tender moments, along with steamy/hot scenes, displays of alpha male-ness and humor (OMG, his brothers were a riot). Jessica Peterson wrote an incredibly well-rounded book, that is easy to fall in love with. Fingers crossed that there is another book and possibly about one of the brothers?!

‘You’re my person, Emily. You always have been. It’s just taken me awhile to figure it out.’