Manic Monday by Piper Rayne–Review

What would you do if you hated a person, just on principle alone? If you had been burned by the local mechanic, would you hate ALL mechanics? What if hated a guy, because he was a mechanic, but did funny things to your system? Would you break your rules and say, ‘screw it’ or would you live in limbo between hate/love?

Well, Manic Monday by Piper Rayne, is that book exactly and more. Victoria is a divorced woman with a seven-year-old daughter, Jade. Victoria detests her ex-husband, from some things that he’s said and done. To truly start over, as well as, help her mom who was recently diagnosed with MS, Victoria and Jade move home to Chicago.

Victoria is a strong, independent and determined single mother, who besides working a full-time job and taking care of her mom, she is also going to school with expectations of graduating soon. It is a daily ritual that Victoria walks Jade to school (which is only a few blocks from home) before she catches the train to work. This has become her new normal, until one particular Monday morning. They are within seeing distance of the school entrance, when she notices an Uber pull up. Out pops a little boy, Henry, who is about the same age as Jade. Jade being the intuitive seven-year-old that she is, immediately stops to yell ‘Hello’ to him. This, however, is not what has caught Victoria’s attention. It is the tall, handsome man that steps out still putting his tie on with still slightly damp hair that catches Victoria’s attention. It is none other than Reed Warner, the best man from her wedding. Oh yeah, he also happens to be a lawyer just like her ex. Despite being drool-worthy, she immediately hates him because of his profession.

Victoria and Reed are phenomenal leads in this book, but there are some extraordinary secondary characters. (PS…. Reed is yummy!) Firstly, there is Jade, who at seven years old is very perceptive with people and situations around her. She figured out early on, that Henry was the key to getting Reed and Victoria together. Secondly, there are some amazing women that Victoria work’s with. Hannah is boss/owner of the foundation to help empower young girls. She is the ultimate boss to work for. She is funny, down to earth, but quick to realize when they need a break to either chit-chat or get out of the office. Lastly, is another co-worker of hers, Chelsea. Oh my goodness, Chelsea was hilarious. Some of the antics she would get into, the stories that she could tell and you never knew what would pop out of her mouth next. I’m looking forward to their books.

Overall, Manic Monday, was a very sweet and funny book with occasional interludes of steaminess.  There was drama, but very realistic drama. Something that could truly happen in the real world and not for the sake of the storyline. Piper and Rayne delivered a well-written book that was difficult to put down.

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