Malum, part I by Amo Jones–Review

I swear EVERY. SINGLE. TIME., that I read Amo’s books I get the same reaction! Thoughts/words included (but not limited to) WTF, HOLY SHEET, Besch…Biotch…Beyatch…Bee-yotch, Oh, no, she didn’t, No, seriously, there’s no way this is happening!! Amo Jones, you crushed me. You flayed me open and poured a little a salt in the wound for extra measure! Needless to say, Malum part I, is NOT a disappointment.
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Nate and the rest of The Kings are back and stronger than ever. I loved Nate’s characters in the previous books, but you think you know, but you really don’t. Nate is a contradiction. He’s been labeled the playboy, but there is a deeper, darker side to him. We as the reader can see all sides written with exquisite execution. He is beginning to learn how to balance all sides of his life, from personal, to life with the Kings and family life (whether blood family or King family). Without going into too much detail, be ready to experience your ovaries busting to your eyes leaking (have tissue ready).

I will be the first to admit, that I really didn’t think that much about Tillie in the previous books. She wasn’t bad/good, but just there. Well, I was completely wrong. I am FULLY reformed and will say that Queen B is here and ready to be heard. I may have a slight lady crush on her. Tillie is incredible. As much as her and Nate butt heads and look like they are going to kill each other, they also display a mutual understanding. Ms. Jones wrote her perfectly in the standpoint, that she understands when to poke the bear and when to leave it alone. When push comes to shove, Tillie understands the Nate and his ‘King’dom. She may despise him and he her, but she will defend and protect him until the death. I really ended up LOVING Tillie and I can’t wait to see where she goes in part 2.
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As much as I complain😉 about Amo Jones, I am so flipping in love her, because she evokes so many emotions in me through her reading. There were SO many times, that I kept thinking, ‘no, no, no don’t go there’, when yep she went there. So many twists and turns, you truly will not see coming. Her complexities within this crazy effed up world is insanely amazing. Word of advice though, pay attention to everything. Malum is a mystery and needs to be treated like one. Even if you’re looking for the signs, I’m here to say that you still won’t be prepared. Malum was like crack, I couldn’t put it down and she left wanting more. So much more, like part 2😉.

Fair warning here: Malum isn’t a squishy, make you feel good, birds are singing type of book. It is dark, heavy, with questionable activity. However, keep in mind this is the book that she developed, and she is true to her characters and the world they live in.

Ms. Jones, can I send you my therapy bill? Chocolate bill? Wine bill? I’m talking going to a vineyard and leaving with everything they have bill. In all seriousness, I have a short, exclusive ‘will one-click without looking back’ list of favorite authors. Amo, please keep writing the way you do. I love your crazy, insane world and look forward too many more books from you!
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By the way, I had to listen to the Malum playlist to get through this!

5 ‘principissa mea’ stars

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