Lost Girl by Dee Garcia-Review

Prior to reading Venom, I had never read one of Dee Garcia’s books. I LOVED Venom immensely, which is weird to say since I’m not a huge PNR/Fantasy reader. Venom, however, made me a believer in the PNR romance field. So, what’s the big deal about Venom when I’m writing about Lost Girl? Lost Girl is the spinoff from that book into a new series. 

Lost Girl was awe-inspiring, jaw dropping and sinfully delicious. I was so entranced while reading this, that I was in my own little reading bubble and oblivious to what was going on around me. The clarity in which she writes about these characters and the world that they live in made me feel like I was right there with them. 

Speaking of characters, Tavi and Wendy were the next genius couple to be written about. Lost Girl Wendy is not the Wendy of Peter Pan’s past and Tavi, well Tavi is just plain yumminess on a stick! He is an alpha true to the core and those instincts are kicked into super drive when he sets his sights on Wendy. 

Lost Girl is a book that you need to read. Dee’s storylines blend amazingly well, the characters are well thought out and plot points are not glanced over lightly but integrated into past/present history seamlessly. Well Done Dee! I am anxiously excited for the next book in the series

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