Catfish by Hazel Grace–Review

Hazel Grace is venturing into new and unchartered territory, Political Romance. I don’t get to read political romances (PR) often, but I will whole heartedly when I find one I like. Catfish is that type of book.

Our main characters are Wade and Reagan. Wade currently is the governor with aspirations of landing in the White House. As you can imagine for any guy in his 30’s, he has a great deal of pressure from everyone (parents, siblings, his constituents, other political members.) The only people who seem to truly have his back is his PA, Emmy, and best friend, Chase.

Raegan is another strong-willed character who knows that everything she does is for her family. She loves and adores her mother and brother immensely, but sometimes she gets overwhelmed and that pressure gets to her. She is feisty, sharp witted, and knows how to handle wayward politicians. She is a great character and counterpoint to Wade.

Wade and Reagan met through an online dating service and they soon find themselves desperate and longing for the next text message. Wade and Reagan are just cute perfection together! I loved this happy little couple until Hazel Grace decided to shake up everyone’s world and pull the rug out from underneath me with that cliffhanger! So, I didn’t expect to see that one. After picking my jaw off the floor and a slight outbreak of ‘you didn’t, no way, and what are you doing?’ could be heard throughout my house, I regained my senses and am now counting down the days to book 2. I HAVE to know where this story goes from here.


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