A Royal Mistake by Piper Rayne–Review

Secret Indulgence of mine is reading anything in the royal romance trope. This genre can also be hit or miss, from awesome to cheesy in a hot second. Piper Rayne did a good job with keeping it realistic and romantic in a fun and light atmosphere.

I didn’t read the first book, so I was unfamiliar with Sierra’s personality previously, but in this book, you could tell that she was learning and growing. Sierra did not have the best past, but in getting to know that portion of her life, it was nice to see her open up and grow up. Sierra is a huge Prince Adrian fan and wins a date with him. When she went to meet him, she was not expecting the cheese covered, t-shirt stained and sweatpants wearing slob. Little did she know this was a test for her.

Adrian is burdened with the having to take up the mantle of King. Despite having an older sister, Adrian is next in line. I really loved Prince Adrian. He is sweet, romantic and provided comfort for each other when they needed it. This Prince was a gem!

Kudos to Piper Rayne for writing a sweet romance with heat, funny characters and funny moments, with friends from The Rooftop Crew. This is the perfect Piper Rayne royal romance read.

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