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The Secrets We Hide–Review

I read, ‘The Lies We Tell’ and was INSTANTLY hooked. I could not WAIT to get The Secrets We Hide in my hot little hands. Needless to say, when I did, I was instantly sucked into my own little vortex where the real world no longer seemed to exist.
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You may or may not remember at the end of TLWT, but Becca left us on a cliffy that had me steaming in frustration while desperately pushing for another page. Needless to say, there was no other page, but some serious questions as to what was going to happen next. No spoilers will be given, but I will say I was happy that the momentum from the end of TLWT was carried over to TSWH.

For me as a reader, Ms. Steele put her mark firmly in the author world with a unique storyline, perspective, character development, plot line and solid writing. Remember the vortex from earlier, this was due to her phenomenal writing and ability to create those visuals in your mind. I truly felt like I was the sixth IV (Winter is the fifth).

The boys are still as you may remember them but are ever evolving. Changing their personalities towards certain people/situations. Have no fear the boys you feel in love with, in book 1, are still very much present.

Caiden, the mysterious, broody, head alpha who is the bad boy with locked up emotions and more baggage than a 747. Let me just say that that baggage starts to lessen as the book goes on and it is heartwarming to see him morph from the 100% broody a-hole to this all-out broody a-hole with a softer side.

Cassius is the comedian of the group. He is the cocky, comedic, playboy that has all the women swooning. I love him for his personality, heart and humor.

Zayde (insert sigh). Zayde is the be all end all of scary AF characters, but there is something about him that makes him so enduring. He is bad-tempered, mean, dark and methodical. Yet, for some reason, I LOVE ZAYDE!

Weston, at least for me, I cannot seem to think his name without getting a little grin on my face. He is the techie of the group who I consider to be silent yet deadly type.

Besides being, the best of friends, what do these four all have in common? A woman named Winter. She has been through so much in her life making her appear broken, but she is strong and has a good heart. With the backing of the IV, Winter is able to figure out the mysteries that fly around them. Winter was able to bring them all together and to another level of friendship.

Now you are all wondering, what about Caiden and Winter? Let’s just say, that their relationship also continued to grow and change. How familiar are you with cross stitch? Caiden and Winter are the threads within the canvas. Keeping strong and fulfilling the picture as well as they could. The brilliant thing about this is that in order to complete your cross-stitch canvas you need more differing threads to fully comprehend the scene. This is what happens between the boys and Winter. They complete her, although her tie is stronger to Caiden, she still fills in with the other three for a solid cohesive unit.

Becca Steele is a master magician with taking all these different plot points and bring them together. You never see what is coming next or where she takes you. She is also a genius when it comes to cliffhangers.

Fallen Crest Campout by Tijan–SURPRISE RELEASE

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Fallen Crest Campout, an all-new not-to-be-missed Fallen Crest and The Crew series crossover novella by New York Times bestselling author Tijan, is available now!


Sam and Mason return to Fallen Crest for a camping trip.

They head north, meeting up with a few friends from Roussou and enjoy a night of booze, some leapfrogging, and there’s a small therapy session to air out some tension in the group.

Empty chair, anyone?

Enjoy a novella crossover between the Fallen Crest series and the Crew series!


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About Tijan

Tijan is a New York Times Bestselling author that writes suspenseful and unpredictable novels. Her characters are strong, intense, and gut-wrenchingly real with a little bit of sass on the side. Tijan began writing later in life and once she started, she was hooked. She’s written multi-bestsellers including the Carter Reed Series, the Fallen Crest Series, and the Broken and Screwed Series among others. She is currently writing a new YA series along with so many more from north Minnesota where she lives with a man she couldn’t be without and an English Cocker she adores.

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Falcon’s Prey by C. Lymari–Review

Miss Lymari is a new to me author and what a way to Initiate me into her world. I have heard that Falcon’s Prey is her first foray into a dark romance. If this is the case, hello, sign me up for more.

Falcon’s Prey is unlike anything I have read before. It is everything you would want in a dark read. It is wicked, delicious, mysterious, and filled with heart stopping drama and thrills. The overall storyline is incredibly addicting. I completely lost track of time and space and if it was not for my hubs/dogs, I probably would have just kept reading. The plotline that she has mapped out was brilliant!

C. Lymari had a perfect blend of characters. Ren😍, oh Ren, he is a jerk and Ember is truly a bitch, but this is what works for them (besides exterior beauty/hotness) is the combustible nature that they exude. They are both hiding secrets and mix this in with their personalities and you get an explosive couple. Their storyline is somewhat relatable. Am I a spoiled, misunderstood, and selfish diamond princess? No, I am not, but it is the situational and emotional aspects of this book that make it relatable to people (the same goes for Mr. Ren Falcon).

“Ren Falcon wasn’t a great guy–h*ll he wasn’t even a good guy. He was an a**hole, but he was worried about me.”

Now if you are into the ‘sweet, make you feel good romances’, this may not be the book for you, but is you’ve been dying to step into the dark pool, Falcon’s Prey, may be right for you. Overall, I loved every aspect of this book. I was peeved and wanted to throw my kindle, I also wanted to be their personal cheerleader and of course, I thought I was their personal six, but that was only in my mind. Falcon’s Prey is worth every star!!

“Ember Remington was beauty wrapped in sadness and sealed with hatred.”

Final Serenade by N.N. Britt–Review

I’m going to start this by referencing Severance by N.N. Britt. I believe Nat knows how much I loved, adored, wept and bleed for Alana and Mikah. Favorite book ever!! I thought nothing could usurp Severance, but Final Serenade sure came close. Frankie and Cassy’s story is something for the ages.

Prior to reading this, I read Adrenaline 1999, which is a making of Frankie Blade. It gave me an in-depth behind the scenes of the man himself.

I was intrigued to get Final Serenade after this. Frankie is the lead vocalist of Hall Affinity. Hall Affinity has had many professional and personal issues leading up to present time. The band is having a reunion after seven years off. This is huge news for anyone involved in the music world. There is one journalist who has been granted the interview of her lifetime, Cassy Evans. Hall Affinity aficionado, Music Journalist and Uber fan. There is one other piece to Cassy and Frankie. Meet Frankie Blade, Cassy Evans’ mega crush since she was a young teenager.

Upon meeting, there was so much passion, sparks and chemistry. It was palpable through her writing. There was emotional baggage from an emotional assassin, courtesy of N.N. Britt. The depth that she was able to write was exceptional. Final Serenade shows how much knowledge Ms. Britt has on this matter.

Final Serenade is a duet and I thoroughly enjoyed every single second of it. I only have one question, ‘Miss Britt, can we get part two now?’ (spoken in my best toddler pouty voice with face to match.) In all seriousness, this girl can write. Check out Final Serenade when it comes out and, in the meantime, take a look at Severance.


Tell Me Pretty Lies by Charleigh Rose–Release Blitz

TELL ME PRETTY LIES by Charleigh Rose

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Three things my mother acquired when she became engaged:

1. A brand new Tiffany’s ring.
2. A lavish home on Heartbreak Hill.
3. Three privileged stepsons.

The last thing I expected was to fall for one of them, least of all Thayer Ames.
Beautiful, brooding, and untouchable.
I knew it was a bad idea. He warned me himself.
But he was a thunderstorm, and I never could resist the rain.
It was perfect…
Until it wasn’t.
One night was all it took for our world to crumble around us, leaving only secrets and lies between us.
Now, I have to face him again, and the boy I used to know has become the man who loves to hate me.

About the Author:
Charleigh Rose lives in Narnia with her husband and two young children. She’s hopelessly devoted to unconventional love and pizza. When she isn’t reading or mom-ing, she’s writing moody, broody, swoony romance.

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