Madame Temptress by Meghan March–Review

If there was one thing that you needed to know about Meghan March, is that the girl can write! Amazing and flawless are two words to look up in the dictionary and you will find a picture of her next to each word. The Magnolia Duet is her most recent work of art which proves her writing is amazing, flawless and absolute perfection!

Madam Temptress is the second book in the duet about Moses and Magnolia. It was everything Creole Kingpin was with just a splash more juju juice to keep you turning the page, a hearty chug of love and sprinkle of danger to round out a book that you lose track of time.


I love, adored and looked up to Magnolia in Creole Kingpin and that was the same sentiment in Madame Temptress. There is one addition that I don’t want to give away, but I will say, she became a more well-rounded and trusting individual. It was incredible to see the transformation in her while retaining her spitfire and spunky personality.

Moses. What can I say about Moses? I fricking loved him in MT. I don’t know if I was skeptical with his character in Creole Kingpin, but he completely 100% won my heart over so much that I want a Moses in my life. The depths that he will go to show his love, affection, dedication and be the rock that Magnolia has been looking for her whole life.

“Beauty and brains. A deadly combination. There will never be another woman like you, Magnolia. Never.”

If you’re a fan of the ‘Mount Trilogy’, you’ll be happy to know that Mount and Keira make a presence in Madame Temptress. Meghan perfectly intertwined their presence in scenes without over shadowing Magnolia and Moses. It was an incredible follow-up to see where they are now, and I wouldn’t mind having more of them in my life.

“I f@cking love you, Keira Mount. You are my life. And Rory is my heart. And, God f@cking damn it, I have Magnolia to thank for all of it, despite how livid I am.”

The Magnolia duet was a series of books that swept me away in a cloud of danger, lust, love, mystery and intrigue. Meghan’s description of New Orleans was so encompassing, that I felt like I was back in the French Quarter. Smelling the beignets and chicory coffee, seeing the street artists and tarot card readers, and hearing the music from a second line or a Dixieland band. Magnolia, Moses and company are a force to reckoned with. Without a doubt a 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐read!!

“You’re never gonna be alone again, mama. Whatever comes, we handle it together. That’s how it works from here on out. We’re a team, and I’m not letting anything happen to you. I waited too damn long for my second chance to risk throwing it all away. “


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