Writing Dirty (BTU, book 5) by Alley Ciz–Review

I. Am. Obsessed!! Like seriously, I can’t get enough of Alley Ciz and the men and women of BTU. I was Team Gage for the longest time, but then she had to go ‘Writing Dirty”. Alley, why do you make me choose?

Writing Dirty is about the coven’s favorite writer, Maddey. She is the strong, spunky, and sassy ‘Queen of Smut’. What she writes is in one word, H-O-T! She lives in her head, but she can come up with some seriously steamy stuff!

The hero. What can I say about him, that will not give it away? That is the best part of this book is not knowing who he could be. Pick any book before and you think you might have seen an ‘alpha’ male, well you are wrong. This guy will not only put the sizzle in your pants, but he will also make you wish you had a drool rag. Seriously, NEWEST book boyfriend!!

Writing Dirty is full of Alley’s usual wit, charm, and hilarity. The Coven antics and squirrely text topics, coincide perfectly with my own ‘squirrel brain’. There is mystery, men in uniform, witty sarcasm, twists and turn, and the boys. We cannot forget the XY chromosomes in this group. It’s like a big ‘ole family reunion when they are present.

There is no doubt that Alley Ciz outdid herself when writing, ‘Writing Dirty’. It is a little of everything that you could want or love in a Maddey romance book including a stalker to shake things up.

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