Trick Me Twice by Becca Steele–Review

I will not be ‘Tricked’ by Becca Steele. After writing drool-worthy, flaming hot, domineering alphas in her previous series, The Four, I was curious to see what the characters would be like in TMT. Well, if drool-worthy alphas are your thing, (and it should be), you would be extremely happy to hear, that Ms. Steele, delivered!  

Carter Blackthorne is a delicious concoction of charming, intense, wicked, untouchable, and downright god-worthy in his appearance (stay back ladies, he is mine). He along with his 2 friends, Kian and Xavier are ‘The three Kings of Alstone High’. Just to witness their swagger and to be present in their ‘air’, you would know how untouchable and almighty they are. These may be boys in high school, but, their anthem should be, ‘Boyz 2 Men’, because these alphas are all men.

“Little Trickster”

Raine Laurent is a breath of fresh air. She is your typical good girl, the shy and quiet introvert with only one friend, Lena. Lena is good for Raine, she tries to get her out of her shell and enjoy life. One event that Lena took her to was a county run event called Fright Night. So, what does one come across at Fright Night, how about three guys all dressed in black with the only exception being a purge mask (neon X for eyes and neon line for mouth.) Raine knew right away she was in trouble.

Carter and Raine have this wild and wonderful dichotomy, pushing each other in their give and take. I love the way they were written and the overall message of good vs. bad, alpha swag vs. blooming confidence. Ms. Steele wrote this back/forth and push/pull so well, creating the drama and suspense that I was hooked from beginning to end!!

“You know what my feeling are towards you? Indifferent. In order to hate you, I’d have to care about you. You’re nothing to me. Insignificant.”

I love everything about this book. The storyline, plotline, characters (including crossovers from The Four), the cover, the blindsided twists and turns, the angst, gah, the angst!! Everything! I loved it, I could not wait to read more and then the two most dreaded words to a bibliophile…The End! NOOOO, I wanted more! I guess Becca did get a trick on me, all this yumminess and BAM (Emeril Lagasse style) …The End!! In all seriousness, Trick Me Twice is an amazing book. One click it and read this book!!

“Are you willing to pay the price? Trick him once, but don’t trick him twice.”

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