Stroke of Midnight–Review

Reminiscent thoughts of Cinderella: two evil stepsisters who are rotten to the core, an evil stepmother whom is not very fond of her, goes to the ball with the help of a fairy godmother, the King is upset that the Prince is not married yet, Cinderella meeting the Prince, but has to run off, before they can get to know one another. Famously, leaving behind her glass slipper. (Insert the happiness/dreaminess of most young girls everywhere.)

Well, Ms. Webster is truly thoughtful. She did not want the adult woman to forget their younger dreams. So, she wrote Stroke of Midnight, a manual of sorts, a grown-up adult female guide to modern ‘Princes’. There are a lot of key principles replicated from the original telling of Cinderella, but with an adult twist. 😏💙

Ash Elliot and Winston Constantine are the lucky participants in ‘Stroke’ of Midnight’ and let us just say that Ash is getting a lot more than she was expecting. Winston Constantine is a handful and I whole heartedly agree to handle anything Ash cannot handle. Major problem for Ash, her new soon-to-be husband, wants only her, not anyone else, so she is stuck with him in this arranged marriage.

I admit, I am a Disney lover, but I will gladly take on Winston and this version. He’s filthy, wicked, dirty, sexy, kinky, and possessive. Ash, in a way, is a breath of fresh air. She gives off this pure, virginal, and sweet innocence and to a point she is. She is also, however, not afraid to stand up for herself. Ash, Cinderelliot, loves to push Winston’s buttons, whether it is to provoke him to slightly squabble back and forth, to show she still has a backbone and is a person, or for her own sexual gain. In any case, this sweet, innocent, kinky ‘princess’ is beginning to experience there is more to this world and a whole other side to her kinky prince!  

You’re going to ruin me.”

“Why’s that?”

“Because your lies feel like truth.”

The witty banter, out of this world sexual chemistry, and uncomfortable experiences are everything to this book. I freely admit, that during some parts of this book, it made me check my morals…(I’m checking, please hold)…Yep, morals were checked and thrown away at the door. Ms. Webster is a master at making you feel/experience not only what her characters go through but makes sure that she twists that proverbial knife in just a little bit more to keep you on the edge!

K. Webster did something special in intertwining an original Disney story with her writing and interactions with kink. To me, this was a fabulous book. The interaction between the two worlds (not even mentioning the ‘Terror Triplets’) was fabulous. This may not be for everyone, but it really is a romance book at its core. Last thing to Ms. Webster, December, ugh. December cannot come soon enough, lady!!😉❣❣

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