Sancte Diaboli, book 2 by Amo Jones–book review

If I could sum up how I am still feeling after finishing a day ago, it would be with this meme.

Amo Jones has continually outdone herself through the world of The Elite Kings. So, why should book 2 be any different? Amo is brilliant, but keep in mind, that she is the Queen of mind f@ckery and you may or may not get out on the other side.

A quick recap of our H/h, Brantley Vitiosis and Saint Dea Vitiosis. Saint was sent to live with Brantley when she was young. To keep her away from his father, Lucan, Brantley raised Saint who was only a few years younger than himself.

Brantley😈. Brantley is not just a dog who barks, he is a dog who bites, hard, and likes it. He is the cold, calculated killer who is UBER possessive but through Saint’s eyes we can see the true side of Bran Bran that no one sees. My love for this couple only continues to grow. They are imperfectly perfect together, the light and dark, and true blue soulmates.  

SD2 is raw, open, heart wrenching, and soul crushing, yet through it all, we see what a true family unit is like. This group of characters will learn to rely on each other, stand up for each other, and love as significant others, friends, and family.

Throughout this story, Ms. Jones is continually developing not only her storyline, but the plotline and the building of this world. It is truly magical (😉). There are secrets, lies, twists, and turns that you will not see coming, as usual, but the ending. Whoa! I am still reeling from one of these moments!! It is beautifully bittersweet for many reasons, but do not jump to the end, because you want to know, you truly need to take in every last nibble of The Elite Kings!  

All good things must come to an end, but The Elite Kings is something I will deeply miss.

“My loyalty to The Kings is unmatched, but my loyalty to Saint is lethal. I’d walk through flames for her before I ever allow her to so much as feel the heat of pain.”

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