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Totally Schooled by Nicole Dykes–Review

Ms. Dykes is a new to me author and I am so happy that I read this.

Totally Schooled is a M/M romance involving Rafe Scott and Nolan Burke. Rafe is a single dad with the cutest little girl. Nolan just happens to be the kindergarten teacher at the local school (can you see where this story is headed😉).

Individually, Rafe and Nolan are fighting their own ghosts, insecurities, fears, and difficult pasts. Rafe comes from that ‘wholesome’ community that does not necessarily understand his sexuality, while Nolan comes from a family full of love. His problem (if it is a problem) is his big heart because people seem to take advantage of those with a big and giving heart.

“I know, without a doubt, I’m falling entirely too hard for both of them.”

I adored these two, and of course Hailey. They were friends first who just so happened to be extremely attracted to each other. I was a little perturbed with the pacing of the relationship towards the end of the book. I completely get the reasoning behind it but just want to yell, ‘communicate people’!! We get it, you’re friends, you’re cautious, you don’t want to make a mistake, etc., but holy moley, I believe that line was already crossed!

I am absolutely, 100%, in love with the ending. I am a self-proclaimed epilogue hoe. I love them and Nicole’s was written with so much love, that it gave me the warm fuzzies all over. Rafe, Nolan, and Hailey were a joy to read about am anxious to read more from Nicole!

“I think that’s why they call it falling in love. You have to take a leap to get there.”

Sinning Like Hell (St. Simeon Prep, #2) by Trilina Pucci–Review

Phew, she did it again! Ms. Pucci nailed the Romeo and Juliet theme with a twist of her own. Just Like Heaven left us on such a high cliffhanger, I wondered what was next. Sinning Like Hell (*chef’s kiss*) was the perfect continuation for Calder and Sutton!

“I want everything you give, Calder Wolfe. Because there is and will only ever be you and me.”

Here is some of what to expect: incredible highs, carpet sweeping lows, breath wheezing shock, twists, turns, ‘Oh, no, she didn’t,’ and of course, tears. This book had it all. I fully did not expect to cry, but low and behold, I did. Sinning Like Hell was so beautifully written that the love Calder and Sutton share is transcendent. There are no other words to describe it.

Reading this book has reaffirmed my love for Calder. He was written so well that he wasn’t a character to me. He was a real-life person that you could feel had stepped off the pages and right into your living room.

I stand by my review for Just Like Heaven and my description of Calder.

“Calder…tough, bada@@, sensitive, alpha, and loyal. He is the new gold standard in leading men.”

What to say about Sutton without giving it away? Hmmm… Sutton is a breath of fresh air. As a caterpillar metamorphosizes into a beautiful butterfly, so does Sutton. Her transformation is something to be proud of and I love that about her! These two were written in the stars and nothing was going to stand in their way!!

I love you forever. Until we’re dust and bones and even after that.”

In Silence She Screams (Midnight Mayhem #3) by Amo Jones–Review

Whoa. I suffered a severe book hangover. I needed a minute to process what I read and explore I how I felt. I admit that I am owned heart, body and soul to these characters and their worlds. I am in love and want more!

Oh my word, Lilith, Kyrin, and Eli, really know how to make a girl blush! The melding of Patience, Midnight Mayhem, and The Kings is fluid and the dynamic between these three is out of this world. The charismatic and panty dropping nature that is Eli was still prominent from his time with The Kings. Kyrin, um, hello yes please, I will take him to go! Thank you! Kyrin is ALPHA AF! He is possessive, growly, not short on confidence, and has masculinity oozing out of his pores. Lilith is the semi-new character in the world of mayhem. The life that Lilith brings to the table is deplorable and damaging. She is chaotic, tough, yet broken and emotionally detached, that is until she meets Eli and Kyrin.

I do not need to mention how incredible Amo’s writing is, but I will. Her ability to continue writing this all-consuming world and storyline is top notch and mind boggling. Just when you think you might have a grasp on the storyline, she flips the script. The twists, turns, and plain old bombs that she throws your way is absolute perfection. I truthfully cannot say enough about this.

What I will say is this is not everybody’s cup of tea. Did you catch I said three names in the beginning? That’s because this story involves a throuple. A perfect throuple, but still a throuple (I like saying that word😉). In Silence She Screams is dark, moody, it is enthralling and makes you forget where you are, but it is so delicious, like that last bite on devil’s food cake with extra frosting! Beware, be forewarned, but most definitely, be quick to read.

PS…that ending! Ho-lee, flipping cannoli, THAT ENDING!! This is the best Amo Jones that I have read!!!

Thank you, Amo Jones, thank you!!🖤
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