Say You Swear by Meagan Brandy–New Release

Say You SwearSay You Swear by Meagan Brandy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My first love of Meagan Brandy’s was the Boys of Brayshaw series. Loved, seriously loved, read it twice and audio booked it once. So, when I say I loved Meagan and her boys, it was immense, however, my still beating, fluttery heart had not seen the likes of Noah Riley…yet. Hands down, my favorite book boyfriend ever. Swoony, dreamy, cavity-inducing man who can throw down when he needs to is mine! Ms. Brandy, you can stop writing now, as there could be no H better than him (I challenge you) 😉🥰.

Now, there are so many amazing things about this book, besides the panty-dropping, sweet hero, that I do not know where to start without giving anything away. There is immense love, family, and friendships that exude from the pages. I need more of these secondary characters and would love to have their stories just to experience this group again. The backing of love and support is beautiful to see because unfortunately, this doesn’t happen very often.

Say You Swear is a slow burn that is full of angst and will leave your heart shredded and mind blown with all the emotions and feels. I cried, y’all, I cried without even realizing it. Just when I thought I might have an idea as to where the story would go, it did not. So please, I implore you to sit back and enjoy the ride Meagan will take you on. The emotional hangover is real, and I want to feel it all over again! Buddy read anyone??

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