Slashes in the Snow (book 1 in the Baum Squad Series) by M. Never–Review

4 ‘Slashes in the Snow’ Stars

I was in a book funk and asked a friend for a recommendation and she suggested Slashes in the Snow. I’m happy that she did because I enjoyed it. It had a little bit of everything, MC setting, hate-to-love, step-siblings (although when the person is an adult, I have a hard time calling them step-siblings), and a grumpy a-hole.
I went into this book blind without reading the prequel, Snowfall (book 0.5 in the Baum Squad Series), and maybe that’s why some things didn’t quite make sense, such as Gerard’s storyline with Kristen. I wish there were a little more lead-up between Kira and Ky during their 4 weeks together instead of feeling rushed in the last week.
Overall, I enjoyed this. It got me out of my funk and was a pleasant read.

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