Aveke by Tijan–Review

Ok, I need to confess something. I have read Aveke twice and loved it more than the first time. It is a 42,000-word novella, which is on the longer side, but it is still a super quick read, besides, I NEEDED more of Zeke and Ava. They are that good!

Ava and Zeke are two characters within the world of Fallen Crest/Rosseau but can be read as standalone. One thing that Tijan did, which I LOVED, was the pop-up of characters from within this massive universe. Zeke and Ava’s world made my heart so happy because I never want to say goodbye to this universe.

I may be the only one, but I found myself shedding some tears at the end. Aveke was just so beautiful. Ava is the high school wallflower who thought she was always unseen. Zeke is the high school bully who reformed himself over the years but is still lonely. Was Zeke a complete and utter jerk in high school? Yes. Did Ava think she was a nobody, did not have friends, and was unnoticeable? Yes. Yet somehow these two dandelions find each other.

“You can be the yellow dandelions, my sunshine in a flower, and I’ll be the fuzzy ones.
See. We’re not so different. We’re perfect for each other. We’re the same flower.”

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