Crybaby by Monica James and Michelle Lancaster

Whoa!! I have fallen down the rabbit hole and am still shooketh!! From the get-go, there is a scene with ‘trigger warning’ written all over it and yet it somehow pulled me in deeper throughout the pages.

Monica and Michelle certainly did not hold back on their writing. This book is dark, gritty, straight in your face with no chance of hiding, yet there was something internally that I found myself silently rooting and squealing the main characters on. It felt wrong. It made me question myself, but most of all, it made me wonder where Monica has been hiding this side of her writing? (I believe I should thank Michelle for that)!

Crybaby is not an easy read. There are topics discussed and executed creating a strong visceral reaction and despite some topics that are mentioned, I couldn’t put it down. I couldn’t walk away and wondered what would happen next. I HAD TO keep reading.

I found myself with absolutely zero in common with these protagonists, but I was definitely drinking the Kool-Aid and couldn’t turn my back on them and walk away. Rev and Darcie (aka…Bonnie and Clyde, Ken and Barbie, or the Lonely-Hearts killers) have had unfathomable things happen to them. You realize that you can only push someone so far before they break, well we got to read about that side after the break. All I have to say is, Monica and Michelle MUST keep writing together! Is it too early ladies to ask for more??😉😁

Monica and Michelle are the newest power duo, and their writing style is wicked, dark, imperfect, and not for those faint of heart, but a must-read! (Michelle and Monica do you hear it now? (must have more, Must Have More, MUST HAVE MORE)!! 

“I’ll never see her as a victim. Rather, I see her as the victor. She survived, but the ones who broke her won’t.” 

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