Thorne Princess by LJ Shen–Review


What happens when you take one brat and one close protection officer? You end up with Hallie Thorne and Ransom Lockwood. An enemies to lovers, alpha bodyguard, grumpy/sunshine, and of course, touch her and die book. LJ Shen writes these complicated characters so well that it’s hard not to feel the burn from their undeniable chemistry.
Hallie ‘The Brat’ Thorne has gotten herself into a pickle, courtesy of an accidental nip slip. Her family has had enough and hired Random, aka Ransom. Ransom himself is thoroughly thrilled to be babysitting a Hollywood princess and just wants this assignment to end.
Despite her wardrobe malfunctions, Hallie is a very misunderstood twenty-one-year-old woman. Her exterior is tough as nails, but her inside is very different and holds a lot of secrets.
Random is a tough nut to crack, but what happens when you’re with someone 24/7? These walls start to come down and secrets, such as Random’s little kink, start spilling.
Now, I will say that there are TW at the beginning of the book. Read them and decide how you want to proceed.

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