Hockey with Benefits by Tijan–Review

Tijan is a one-click author for me. She has this innate ability to write the perfect prose. Her characters, setting, conflict, plots, and themes are always on point. If you are looking for a sports romance with a tragic past, incredible angst, and a (not) friends with benefits, Hockey with Benefits is your book.

I fell in love with both Mara and Cruz. Cruz is the perfect sweetheart with a touch of a-hole thrown in. Mara is a tough chick who will not take any crap from anyone. I loved this tough, hardened, and take-charge side of her. I will admit there were some scenes where I just wanted to tell her to wake up.

Hockey with Benefits is haunting, heartfelt, full of happiness and healing, and of course, hockey. Final thought: reading about Cruz with his sister left me feeling verklempt. So many tears and emotions made me claim him as #1 book boyfriend. 🥹❤️

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