If This Is Love by Jewel E. Ann–Review

Yellowstone is one of my favorite TV shows to watch. Now imagine my surprise that If This Is Love is loosely based on it. I wish I knew this prior to reading, but it was easily detectable while reading.

ITIL is one of the books that were on my list as a *must-read* and Jewel E Ann did not disappoint. In this situation, a not-so-nice John Dutton was portrayed by Fletcher Ellington, Milo Odell as Rip, and Beth Dutton as our FMC, Indiana Ellington. Each character exemplified their TV counterparts, but Milo and Indie simply stole the show.

“I walked away from the man I love. And I never looked back. If the man I hate dies tonight, I won’t shed a tear.”

From the very beginning, it is pounded into Indie’s head that she is not worthy to be called an Ellington. The only allies she has is Ruthie and then Milo. When something happens to one of them, she is attacked and made to feel worse. Indie could not wait until she turned 18 to be able to leave. I have to admire Indie though for her toughness, her grit, and her strength.

Milo and Indie’s story wrecked me. I was gutted with grief over what could have been versus what is. Life for these two is full of angst, heartbreak, rejection, compassion, and a certain family member who is a royal b*tch. Mad props to Jewel throwing in Dolly Parton’s song, Jolene, as this character’s name!

Milo and Indie’s path to happiness was not an easy one, nor was it an enjoyable one for the reader. This isn’t a girl who meets (an eight year older) boy who falls in love, grows together, eventually fall further in love, and has their HEA. This tale is full of powerful emotions and feelings. If angst is your jam and you enjoy messiness in a relationship then, If This Is Love, is perfect for you.

“Milo, how long can I have you?”

“As long as you need,” he says.

“Forever?” I glance at him over my shoulder. “One day at a time.”

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