Boneyard Tides (Aphotic Waters Duet #1) by Amo Jones–Review

No matter what world Amo is trying to create, she does it with everything she has. She went in 110% with both guns blazing into this world known as Hades Hallow. Amo packs in so much detail in her world/character building that I was annotating everything and needed a fresh read, so I went ahead and did a re-read of Boneyard Tides already.  I’m telling you that this book gets better with multiple reads.

“Hades Hollow wasn’t just a tale to us. It was sacred. A town we protected.”

This second time around, I voraciously sucked in every character, situation, and detail that I could. This book is nothing like I’ve ever read before. I am still shook-eth with how seamlessly the author was able to meld together different settings/tropes into one. This gothic, dark, and reverse harem romance read will consume you all the way through to the very end.

Speaking of endings, in true Amo Jones fashion, we are left with a cliffhanger that can only be summed up in two questions. Why do I have so many questions after reading Boneyard Tides and when is book two coming?? Boneyard Tides is like a 5,000-piece puzzle, there is no way you can figure it out all at once. It will consume you little by little because you need more.  

Shiloh and her (not so merry) band of men will have you squirming in anticipation of what will come next. There is the rockstar with a mutual past with Shiloh, the billionaire, and then there is Malyk. Little Ms. Shiloh St. Claire has her hands full with this motley group of men. (Side note: secretly Sparrow is my man. Oh, the things that man could do to me, or is it, the things I could do to that man? Now I’m asking myself, why not have the cake and eat it too?)

“His eyes fall over my naked body like they belong there. Owned, marked, theirs-apparently.”

In any situation, get ready for the foe, the weapon, the ruse, and the liar which will be released on April 10th. This is a four-book series but is being planned as a quick release. This is an Amo Jones book, and with that comes many possible triggers. Check them out before diving into this mind-bending book one in a four-book series.

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