The Darkness in You by Becca Steele–Release Day and Review

I don’t know about any of you, but I have been waiting forever for Zayde’s story to come out. I have loved the whole series and the world that was written for them, but Zayde has always been an enigma for me.  One I was ready to devour. The Darkness in You is book six in The Four series, told in dual POV, Zayde and Fallon.

I was so extremely happy to finally be able to see inside this elusive, quiet, and mysterious man. I couldn’t wait to see what made this guy tick. I wasn’t ready for seeing the side of Fallon that many don’t get to see. As mysterious and elusive as Zayde is, he has finally met his match with Fallon, and it is a good pairing that I completely wanted more of.

Becca left me an emotional mess with Fallon and Zayde’s journey.  The intertwining of their backstories and congruent storylines, the angst, the anger, the love, the indifference, the heartbreak, this book had it all, including a bittersweet send-off from The Four as this series is now complete. These two come together to overcome all that is piled against them (and let me tell you, there is a massive amount of “things” keeping them apart).

I believe it is safe to say that Ms. Steele wrote the crap out of this book. Any Zayde lovers out there will be proud to read The Darkness in You as she did Zayde justice from beginning to end. The Darkness in You is truly beyond words. If I had to sum it up, it would be stunning, heart-wrenching, shocking, tragic, breathtaking, and brilliant.

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