A Cruel Arrangement by Tijan–Review

A Cruel Arrangement is the second book in Tijan’s Kings of New York Series. This story revolves around Ashton and Molly told in a dual POV.

Ashton Walden is a busy mafioso running the Walden family mafia, while his best friend, Trace West, is running the West family mafia. If you read book 1, we were given a glimpse of how far Ashton will go for the ones he loves. We were also given a glimpse of Molly and her sweet, sunshine, yet tough-as-nails personality and her immense love for Easter Lanes, her bowling alley. Given this previous information, A Cruel Arrangement jumps right into an active storyline for Ashton and Molly and doesn’t slow down.

Now, Trace and Jess made me love them, but the unfolding storyline of Ashton and Molly made me fall in love with them deeply and immensely. The emotional journey that Ashton went through was incredible to see. This boss is used to getting things done (he’s a doer) and watching him fall in love and adjust to these new emotions is amazing. I almost hate to say this, but Ashton and Molly are truly my favorites out of this foursome.  

Tijan is a master at words. It appears that no matter what she writes, it is solid gold. She truly writes her books with everything that she has. She keeps in mind the background of the story, which includes the secondary characters, and the underlying banter between all involved. I love Tijan’s writing, and she will continue to be a one-click author for me!


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