Someone to Watch Over Me by Debbie Cromack–Review

Someone to Watch Over Me by Debbie Cromack

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Angelo and Lu have been best friends since birth. With both of their parents also being best friends, each has grown up seeing the other as ‘Aunt’ and ‘Uncle’ despite not being blood-related.

Angelo is two years older than Luc and has always been her protector. Due to this closeness, each has secretly harbored feelings of true love toward the other. Angelo wants Luc to experience life before he reveals his feelings and Luc doesn’t want to ruin a friendship. This theme is peppered throughout the story, making so many missed chances and opportunities, that it made me want to ‘Grrr’ when they wouldn’t talk to each other. Complete and utter frustration (which of course amps up the angst level)!

Fast forward a couple of years and Luc finds herself in a shocking situation and the only person she wants to talk to and get comfort from is Angelo.

I fell in love with Angelo’s sweet, protective, and over-the-top possessive nature. He displayed a full range of emotions while trying to find his purpose and plan in life. While only being two years younger, Luc’s personality is both younger/immature, yet, grown up as well. She’s this interesting mixture of both personalities. While something happened between the two of them, that saddened me, they do eventually end up with a nice HEA.

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