You Will Bow by Rachel Leigh–New Release and Book Review

We Will Reign pulled me in and turned me into an addict. You Will Bow fulfilled my fix for this foursome and left me lusting for more.

This book included storylines of all four characters, but it did lean more on the Lev side. I am not going to say anything specific about Lev, except that he had a great storyline from beginning to end. It was wonderful to see the transformation.

“Lev is many things, but if I had to choose a word that best describes him, it would be heartless.”

Rachel Leigh also wrote a plotline that seduced you into all the twists, turns, and suspense that ended on a killer cliffhanger. I NEED book three to see how it ends.

“You are perfection personified, and every flaw only makes you that much more desirable. I want every bit of you. Forever.”

You Will Bow by Rachel Leigh!  

My first year at college has been anything but ordinary.
After spending so much energy to trying to protect my secret, I failed to realize it’s not the past I need to fear—It’s my future that’s at stake. I’ve finally found someone who doesn’t judge me for my sins and stays by my side while I trudge through the shadowy corners of my past.
The only problem is, his friends have other plans.
One watches me day and night—painting a picture of a disturbed life together.
And the other is hanging my secret over my head as leverage to aide in his own scheme.
But everyone has a weakness, and that weakness will be mine.

There once was a sicko
who watched me day and night.
His invisible leash,
never let me out of his sight. His friends were unlike him,
one a monster I feared.
The other bled crimson,
with a heart that was pure.  

Coming May 19, 2023
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