Hate You Always by Jennifer Sucevic–Review

Jennifer Sucevic, I want to thank you for introducing me to my newest 2023 book boyfriend. Ryder McAdams is perfection!!

Ryder McAdams and Juliette McKinnon have three things in common. 1) Her younger, but completely overprotective brother, Maverick. Maverick is also Ryder’s best friend and teammate. 2) Each has secretly had a crush on the other since they were young, but never crossed the line. 3) A secret bucket list. Out of respect for the McKinnon family, Ryder kept his feelings hidden, while Juliette had the impression that he didn’t like her. Things change once Ryder sees her bucket list.

The angst, slow burn, and all-out tension are so palpable that it just oozes from the pages. Jennifer has written an exquisite enemies/acquaintance to lovers with Ryder and Juliette. To see them blossom individually yet continue to bloom and grow as a couple was heartwarming. The story, scenes, and transitions flowed from one to the other making this a complete page-turner.

Bravo on a book well written!

“Ryder McAdams is the last person I should be fallig fo. And I know it. But how do I stop the fall when it already feels like I’ve tumbled ovver the edge and am in mid-descent?”

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