Whiskey Burning – Bella Jewel

❤️Love the concept of Maverick and Scarlett together❤️

I am a sucker for a MC book, especially a good one. Bella Jewel is just one of those authors that you know is going to be a good read.

Scarlett is a famous country music singer who meets Maverick in a rather innocent way. They maintain this sweet relationship until eventually things turn towards romance.

Maverick is H-O-T. No other words for it. He’s a member of Iron Fury MC who is taking a semi-sabbatical from the club after something major goes on in his life.

I devoured this book. I absolutely loved it. The connection between these two, the highs and lows of an innocent crush to relationship, as well as, drama and mystery are beautifully written.

The only knock against this book is that it ends with a continuation/cliffy. The redeeming part is book two comes out in October 2017. (🤞🏻October comes quickly 🤞🏻)

Rating: 5 Stars

Before I Ever Met You (Karina Halle)


This story is about William and Jackie. Jackie first met Will when she was a teenager when Will happened to be her dad’s partner at work. Will was married at that time, but she had a slight crush on him. Fast forward ten years, Will is 41 and Jackie is 25. She’s living with her parents and her seven-year-old son, Ty. Through her dad she gets a job at his company working as an executive assistant to Will.

“Will’s smile should be made illegal. Or at least taken with caution. Warning: may make you weak at the knees. Do not look at smile if operating heavy machinery.”

I just have to say this, I LOVE Karina Halle. She writes her characters with such depth and personality that you can truly visualize what they may look or be like.  This story was no different.  I found it refreshing that Will truly was the All-American male hero in this book. Does he have issues or baggage? Yes, who doesn’t, but the way he cares for Jackie and Ty is truly wonderful.

“I’m now realizing how incredible you are. Jackie, you are an amazing human being. I’m even more enamored with you than I was before, and that’s saying a lot.”

Despite being twenty-five years old, Jackie has a truly old soul. She has been through so much ‘life experience’ in the seven years since her son was born, she is not your normal millennial. With her experiences, it causes Jackie to be the one who is hesitant to have a relationship.

The secondary characters were just as entertaining as the primary ones, specifically Tiffany and Alyssa. Both had these quirky, quick witted snappy comebacks that made them thoroughly enjoyable.

Tiffany: “It’s his fault for not wearing underwear.”

Jackie: “This is so wrong. Any other office and the two of you would be slapped with sexual harassment suits.”

Tiffany: “If he’s doing the slapping with his penis, I honestly don’t care.”

Will and Jackie together were extreme perfection. They have their ups and downs, as any couple would, but learn how to fight through them and for each other.

Since I can’t decide, I’ll leave you with two quotes from our beloved hero. Seriously, Karina wrote one sexy 41-year-old. This book is definitely worth 5.0 stars

“I’ll call you Dream Girl. Because that’s what you are to me”

“And when you find what lakes you heart beat, you soul sing, you have to hang on to it. That’s you Jackie. I’m done doing things halfway. It’s all or nothing now. And with you, I’m all in”.

5 stars

Vicious by LJ Shen


Wow, where to start? Ok, here’s what I can say. I finished this book about a week ago and it left me with the BIGGEST hangover, ever. It is emotionally heavy, yet light at the same time. Feelings run the whole gamut on this one. I feel like I’m still trying to digest this book, but in a good way. There was so much content in it, it will hook you immediately.

Vicious received his name for a reason. He was mean, disrespectful and had a vicious tongue.  The thing is, he was made into this person, by his surroundings and people whom he interacted with.  He was brought up with a dad who wasn’t present, despite living in the same house and a stepmother who was only worried about her current wealth.  He didn’t experience love, kindness or the human touch.

“…love and hate are the same feelings experienced under different circumstances. The passion is the same. The pain is the same.”

Emilia is a sweet, southern girl who has a little sass to her. She is an artist trying to make it in the city.  She hasn’t seen any of the ‘HotHoles’ in 10 years, specifically Vicious.  She bumps into him while at an art gallery with her friend.  From this point on, it’s all systems go. Vicious has her in his sight and isn’t going to let go.

“He was toxic, poison, and he was going to kill everything beautiful in my life if I let him. He was the storm to my cherry blossoms.”

This book was INCREDIBLE! It will take you on a winding path full of emotions, twists and turns.  I, highly recommend it. If you haven’t read ‘Defy’ go ahead and pick that up as well.  It is a prequel for this book, but not necessary to have been read before this book.  It centers around Jamie Followhill and Melody Greene.

5 stars

Fear the Beard by Lani Lynn Vale


Two words for you, Dr. Tommy (sigh). Everybody (woman or man) needs one in their life.  He is one delectable man who happens to tick a lot of romance boxes. Hot, check. In a motorcycle club, check. Tattoos, check. Alpha, completely check. Good with babies, an ovary splitting check (keep them ovaries in check ladies while reading this one). Professor-student romance, check.

Tommy and Tally are just an honest, raw & completely hot couple. Dr. Tommy falls head over heels for Tally’s little daughter and is completely protective of Tally, even before they get together.  Tally is a fiercely independent and strong heroine. She is trying to finish nursing school to take better care of her infant daughter as well as to better herself.

She is close to graduation when she must do an internship in the local ER. Now, if she didn’t see Dr. Tommy in class, she now had to see him in the ER department, proving to be almost too much temptation for her to handle.

This is a very steamy, no cheating, HEA with a great epilogue book.  I, highly recommend Fear the Beard.


So. Toxic by Kelley Harvey


Ok, so I’m seriously conflicted with this book. I wanted to LOVE it, but some storyline issues prevented me from giving it five stars.

This book is based on a small novella from an anthology collection of novellas. I read this novella and thought it would make a great story, just because I wanted to see more of Ty & Jo.  The transition in the beginning from previous work to current work was missing a little more detail. For instance: there was no explanation of how he became super wealthy with his own company when he was crashing with his buddy in a duplex. In the beginning, he was portrayed as a playboy, but almost overnight turned into the settling down kind of man for different reasons.

Now, the second half of the book, I ABSOLUTELY loved. Ty & Jo together were perfection. They were the yin to each other’s yang. It has a super sweet ending, but plenty of heat throughout the book. Would I read more from this author? Absolutely, she has a great writing style as well as characters that are likeable. Unfortunately, because of the transition issues in the beginning, I give it 3.9 stars. I, so, wanted to give it 4.0, but I just couldn’t. Kelley Harvey is an author that you don’t want to miss out on.

Defy by LJ Shen–Another teacher/student romance book (but not just any teacher/student romance)

Defy (Sinners of Saint) by [Shen, L.J.]

5.0 stars—First and foremost, this book may be only a novella, but PLEASE don’t let the length fool you.  It was seriously good with some serious steam!

Defy is another teacher/student taboo romance, however, Jamie acts so mature it’s hard to remember that he is 18.

 ‘“Ballet has always come first. Before men and before me. For a while I’d actually thought it was enough. Until it wasn’t.”

Melody Greene is an English Lit teacher who has had here true dreams destroyed. She is currently working at a very prestigious high school that caters to the wealthy and powerful families of the area.  Her principal hates her for various reasons, she is doing something that she dislikes and has somehow disappointed her parents now that she is no longer in ballet at Julliard.

Jamie Followhill is a senior at All Saints High and is considered one of the four HotHoles who rule the school. He has severely been lusting after Mel since she arrived at school. Through a premeditated accident he gets his hooks in her by insinuating it was his fault.

“I owe you.” he murmured darkly. “And I’ll make sure you get to cash in on the debt. Soon. Very soon”.

Despite the eight-year-old age difference, Jamie and Mel had some serious chemistry and seemed to fit together like puzzle pieces. I seriously want more of them.

LJ Shen has written a great book with such defined and descriptive characters that it was hard not to fall in love with them.  I have not read Vicious yet, but look forward delving into that character.

Disaster at Roosevelt Ranch by Elise Faber

Disaster at Roosevelt Ranch by [Faber, Elise]

Disaster at Roosevelt Ranch is a cute, sweet read. The heroine, Kelly, has landed herself back in her hometown, because her mother had spent her tuition money. So instead of college and dreams, she has a baby and a job at the local diner as a future.

The one thing that has always grounded her was visiting the horses at Roosevelt Ranch.  While there she ended up having a fling with Rex Roosevelt (the owner of the ranch) and gets pregnant.  His twin brother, Justin, is the more responsible twin who usually ‘cleans up’ Rex’s messes. He finds himself doing that again, but does he truly consider Kelly a mess.

As I mentioned before, this was a sweet read that I enjoyed, however, it did drag a little through the middle of the book. There were lots of funny moments, as well as a good secondary set of characters for stability for Kelly.  The author brought out the true ‘sense’ of living in a small town.

Despite the sluggish middle I enjoyed this book and will be looking forward to reading more from this author.