Book blog update…

Hello dear followers! It's been a bit since I've posted and I've figured I need to give you a little update. I've had one heck of a summer, thus far, and it's not over yet.

My brother-in-law got married about a month ago and we slowly got involved in helping out (run errands, pre parties, setting up for multiple activities, etc).

After a wonderful wedding, I got really sick and time seriously just flew by before I started to feel better.

All of this leads me to what is taking up the rest of my summer. I have to have eye surgery tomorrow and was told the initial recovery time will be 4 weeks with full recovery up to a few months. During this initial time (of 4 weeks at least) things such as, reading and watching TV are null and void. Needless to say, I won't be doing any blogging during this time.

I appreciate your patience through all of this and look forward to going 'guns blazing' in a month or so.

Have a good rest of the summer! Keep me updated on any good reads!
Lots of love,
Lager & Lefse

Cover Reveal–Bound by Desire: Author Ryan Michele


Title: Bound by Desire

Series: Ravage MC Bound #2; Bound by Family (Ravage MC Bound #1)

Author: Ryan Michele

Genre: MC Romance

Release: June 20, 2017









Have you ever wanted something so badly it consumes you?

There is a fine line between needs and wants.

Deke Gavelson has wanted his Ravage cut for as long as he can remember. He’s earned it. He was born to be in this club. He’s not afraid to fight for his place, either.

Then she barreled into his world, and Deke suddenly desires something more than his rag and winning the next round.

Rylie Hollister has lived through hell and back. Each event makes her the strong, independent woman she is today. Until a bitter underground fighter threatens to turn her plans upside down.

These two are bound by their desires, but oh, how that changes when his intensity meets her passion.

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Hey y’all,

I have to send ENORMOUS amounts of apologies to everyone.  I was all set to move forward and seriously get this started when I had a setback (personally and with my family).

My mom ended up having surgery and was in the hospital for a few days and has been in a nursing home since that time. I have been pulling double duty between both families (I have an elderly father who doesn’t realize his age, but still acts like a teenager sometimes.  He needs an eye on him every once in a while). 😉 I, personally, have fibromyalgia (chronic pain condition) and one of my triggers is stress, which increases not only my pain, but my blah-ness/lack of spunkiness.  Needless to say, this time has been pretty hectic.

So, with that said, I’ll still be doing what I can and hopefully in a few weeks I can go back to full throttle!!

Thanks for understanding in advance!

Have a good day and ‘Happy Reading, y’all’!! 🙂