Brutal Empire by C Lymari–Review

I have been longing for Bastian’s book and it’s FINALLY HERE! I needed to see what made this secretive guy tick.
Brutal Empire is the next book in the Sekten series featuring Bas and Cam. This book is twisted, dark, angsty, and full of precarious situations. Despite having triggers from a lifetime of hell, Cam is refreshing. Her motto and mindset are based on revenge. This is something that she and Bas have in common, however, no matter how charming he is, Bas is full of secrets.
Claudia has written two fantastic characters destined for each other, yet there is this ending where it will blow your mind. I MUST HAVE MORE!!

“She was an angel craving chaos, He was a demon seeking peace.”

Crybaby by Monica James and Michelle Lancaster

Whoa!! I have fallen down the rabbit hole and am still shooketh!! From the get-go, there is a scene with ‘trigger warning’ written all over it and yet it somehow pulled me in deeper throughout the pages.

Monica and Michelle certainly did not hold back on their writing. This book is dark, gritty, straight in your face with no chance of hiding, yet there was something internally that I found myself silently rooting and squealing the main characters on. It felt wrong. It made me question myself, but most of all, it made me wonder where Monica has been hiding this side of her writing? (I believe I should thank Michelle for that)!

Crybaby is not an easy read. There are topics discussed and executed creating a strong visceral reaction and despite some topics that are mentioned, I couldn’t put it down. I couldn’t walk away and wondered what would happen next. I HAD TO keep reading.

I found myself with absolutely zero in common with these protagonists, but I was definitely drinking the Kool-Aid and couldn’t turn my back on them and walk away. Rev and Darcie (aka…Bonnie and Clyde, Ken and Barbie, or the Lonely-Hearts killers) have had unfathomable things happen to them. You realize that you can only push someone so far before they break, well we got to read about that side after the break. All I have to say is, Monica and Michelle MUST keep writing together! Is it too early ladies to ask for more??😉😁

Monica and Michelle are the newest power duo, and their writing style is wicked, dark, imperfect, and not for those faint of heart, but a must-read! (Michelle and Monica do you hear it now? (must have more, Must Have More, MUST HAVE MORE)!! 

“I’ll never see her as a victim. Rather, I see her as the victor. She survived, but the ones who broke her won’t.” 

Aveke by Tijan–Review

Ok, I need to confess something. I have read Aveke twice and loved it more than the first time. It is a 42,000-word novella, which is on the longer side, but it is still a super quick read, besides, I NEEDED more of Zeke and Ava. They are that good!

Ava and Zeke are two characters within the world of Fallen Crest/Rosseau but can be read as standalone. One thing that Tijan did, which I LOVED, was the pop-up of characters from within this massive universe. Zeke and Ava’s world made my heart so happy because I never want to say goodbye to this universe.

I may be the only one, but I found myself shedding some tears at the end. Aveke was just so beautiful. Ava is the high school wallflower who thought she was always unseen. Zeke is the high school bully who reformed himself over the years but is still lonely. Was Zeke a complete and utter jerk in high school? Yes. Did Ava think she was a nobody, did not have friends, and was unnoticeable? Yes. Yet somehow these two dandelions find each other.

“You can be the yellow dandelions, my sunshine in a flower, and I’ll be the fuzzy ones.
See. We’re not so different. We’re perfect for each other. We’re the same flower.”

Darling Dmitri by Rose Croft–Review

My Darling Dmitri,

You have snuck in under my radar and confiscated my heart, soul, and being. Your filthy words, unwanted touch, and overall aggressive and protective nature are almost too much (Hint: almost, but not entirely. I will not be throwing out my safe word!)

I wholeheartedly approve of grey sweatpants, no shirts (yours, not mine), working out, hot saunas and having your guy friends over. But this is getting ahead of myself. Do you remember the days when Daddy Arty told you to, ‘Make her feel welcome. Safe. Protected. You are now like her older brother.’ Yep, me neither. Good, now that that is settled, let’s get back to us!

Talk soon, my grumpy, grouchy, alpha Russian!
Sue (the original zaychik)
Rose Croft has elevated her writing to a whole other level with Darling Dmitri. This is the third book in the Boys on the Hill series. Let me just say, I fell for Roman and his growly nature, while Nicholas sucked me in with all the feels, but it is Dmitri who has put me under a spell.

This book introduces us to Dmitri and Sorina. It is full of angst, it is forbidden, taboo, and has an alpha who will put ALL OTHER ALPHAS to shame. Sorina is a strong and feisty character who can give as good as she gets. Dmitri is Dmitri. A completely unapologetic, grumpy, Russian male, who excels in football.

The interaction between the two of them is explosive, electric, and spicy. There is witty banter, needling between friends, immense angst, and emotions on overload. It is safe to say that Dmitri and Sorina are my new favorite couple and Rose’s best book yet. I am so excited to read about Axel and his troubles. I have a feeling it is going to be good!!

Beautiful Graves by LJ Shen–Review

One woman with two different kinds of love. Which would you choose if you had to choose? Your soulmate or the love of your life? Enter Everlynne, Joe, and Dom.

LJ has written a two-part love triangle evolving around these three with Ever being the primary catalyst. Beautiful Graves is exquisitely written, excruciatingly gut-wrenching, heart-breaking, and full of angst, Angst, and ANGST!

“I loved you, Ever Lawson. But I want you to know, you’re the worst thing that’s ever f*g happened to me.”

There was so much heaviness and feelings of sorrow that was prevalent throughout, mainly from Ever herself. She is the girl with unique dreams and loves that doesn’t quite fit in. To counterbalance her morose being are a couple great secondary characters that fill the book and situations with moments of levity.

What have we learned? Love is messy and life isn’t perfect. Yet, through these three we find the normalcy of insecurities and growing pains of teenagers through their mid-twenties. It was raw, passion-filled, mistake driven, and yet through it all imperfectly perfect.