Bone Island by Nicole Fiorina–Book Review

Words can not express all that I am feeling after reading Bone Island. I am overcome with emotions. Just like, ‘My beloved black sea’, I am caught between the world of Bone Island/Weeping Hollow and real life.

“Welcome to Weeping Hollow, where monsters called Heathens kill your friends, neighbors, and even children. A town where shadows appear in the middle of the night and murder you while you’re dreaming,”…” This town only lets you be two things: scared or angry,”

This was written so well that I felt like a little voyeur flying between scenes of the city within the pages. Every laugh, cry, the shriek of panic, and insurmountable death was felt at some level. I am left gutted, haunted, and elated.

The story of Stone, Adora, and Stone and Adora as a couple is bittersweet, heartwarming, and full of anguish. Stone sunk me to the bottom of the black sea with the number of trials, tribulations, self-discovery, and heartache that he faced. Stone did me in. He made me fall in love with his imperfectly perfect self.

He didn’t know that it took the love of a special someone to make him feel worthy. Adora is surrounded by family that she loves yet she is drawn to her black sea. The story of these two together is pure heartbreak. For every action, there must be an equal and opposite reaction. As strong as their feelings are together, Nicole shows us the cost of them being together. Immensely heart-tugging from one extreme to the other. I absolutely adored these characters, but I secretly can’t wait for what is next.

“She was a bottomless ocean. The water slipping through your fingers. A mystery caught between fantasy and reality. She was loud, fierce, and invisible.”

Nicole Fiorina, you are a modern poet, stitching words together that flow easily off your tongue, and remain haunted within my brain on repeat. Her lyrical writing was so smooth, it was just like melted butter. You truly have a gift and thank you for sharing your heart, soul, and being with us lowly readers.

“Surrender, my darling insanity.
Suffocate, my sweet emotions.
Pretend. Chin high. Be quiet.
Smile, my pretty lips.
Sink, my homicidal thoughts.”

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Heart Sick by Monica James (Heart Memory Transfer, book one)–Review

Monica (middle name) James, what have you done to me? Silly me, thinking this was just about an organ transplant. It is, but it is so much more than that. Heart Sick is the first book in the Heart Memory Transfer Duet. In this book, we are introduced to Dutch and Luna but be advised this one does end on a cliffy.

Monica is just one of those authors for me that I can’t wait to scarf up every little word that she writes. Heart Sick was no exclusion to this, except for having to finish another ARC first. Dutch and Luna have claimed my heart like no other. From the first sentence, I was sucked in and completely invested in Luna’s pain. I felt like I had to read faster, so I could finally take a breath after realizing I was holding my breath.

Dutch is another beast and the emotions that were written for him were also all-encompassing. As a fellow music lover/music major/performer, I can completely relate to the music is his life and in his soul concept. He is a complex character with many different facets, which make him the perfect Hero.

Heart Sick is over the top, dark, unethical, insidious, and psychologically twisted. The twists and turns, the storyline, and the need for these two to catch a break are overwhelming. I cannot wait for book two to come. There are so many questions I have that need to be answered. I NEED to find out how Dutch and Luna’s story is resolved. Full disclosure: I’m giving this book 4.5 stars. I loved it, but the ending was a little rushed/off, thus, preventing me from giving 5 stars.

Defensive Hearts by Alley Ciz–Review

Alley Ciz is back with yet another smashing sports romance. Defensive Hearts is all about Gemma and Chance and these two have been bitter enemies since the very beginning. You will experience a story full of grumpy/sunshine interactions, hilarious sarcastic banter, quality naked time😉, friendship/support group that is a ‘gold standard’, baggage (a lot of baggage), and enemies to lovers at its finest.

Gemma has been introduced to us in previous books. She is dubbed the ‘Protein Princess’ and lovingly takes care of those who mean something to her as the cook in the group. This also includes two Great Danes, Pebbles and Bam Bam, who belong to Mr. Grumpy, but leave it to our girl, Gemma has banned Chase from her cooking.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I laughed, loved the Covenette convos, and wanted to shake Chase and Gemma at times. It was incredible to read about ‘the coven’ and their mates and what is presently happening to them. I adore this friendship group and can’t wait for any little nugget I can gobble up. I love the BTU Alumni series and Defensive Hearts is another fantastic read to the series.

PS…for those that know me, they know I’m a huge dog person. It may sound weird, but, Pebbles and Bam Bam were accurately written. These two were complete scene-stealers!

Before Us by Jewel E. Ann–Review

It has been a hot minute since I’ve read a Jewel E. Ann book, but I was desperately craving a book that would hit me in the feels. This author is pretty reliable when it comes to this style of writing.

“I don’t know how to love you and be married to you yet not be your wife.”

Before Us took me by surprise. I was not ready for what I was about to read. Yes, I had heard about how emotionally packed it was, but I still was not ready. I will admit that I didn’t have a full-on ugly cry until the end, but was severely choked up over the course of the book. I mean how could you not? This book embodies all the feelings, the constant fluid motion between these characters, and the need to make sense of what they are feeling. Before Us was true angst between the pages.

“He’s still in the past, and I’m racing toward my future. Living in the present is too hard right now, maybe impossible.”

I highly recommend tissues, solo reading in a dark corner (if you’re an ugly crier😭), and just open up and feel. The story of Zach, Suzie, and Emersyn is just amazing. The love, grief, friendships, healing, maturity, and life lived are what this book is all about. JEA knows how to write, and this book is the perfect example.

                      “Zachary Hays is the unreachable pinnacle for all other men. That sucks for my next husband.”

Thorne Princess by LJ Shen–Review


What happens when you take one brat and one close protection officer? You end up with Hallie Thorne and Ransom Lockwood. An enemies to lovers, alpha bodyguard, grumpy/sunshine, and of course, touch her and die book. LJ Shen writes these complicated characters so well that it’s hard not to feel the burn from their undeniable chemistry.
Hallie ‘The Brat’ Thorne has gotten herself into a pickle, courtesy of an accidental nip slip. Her family has had enough and hired Random, aka Ransom. Ransom himself is thoroughly thrilled to be babysitting a Hollywood princess and just wants this assignment to end.
Despite her wardrobe malfunctions, Hallie is a very misunderstood twenty-one-year-old woman. Her exterior is tough as nails, but her inside is very different and holds a lot of secrets.
Random is a tough nut to crack, but what happens when you’re with someone 24/7? These walls start to come down and secrets, such as Random’s little kink, start spilling.
Now, I will say that there are TW at the beginning of the book. Read them and decide how you want to proceed.