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You Will Bow by Rachel Leigh–New Release and Book Review

We Will Reign pulled me in and turned me into an addict. You Will Bow fulfilled my fix for this foursome and left me lusting for more.

This book included storylines of all four characters, but it did lean more on the Lev side. I am not going to say anything specific about Lev, except that he had a great storyline from beginning to end. It was wonderful to see the transformation.

“Lev is many things, but if I had to choose a word that best describes him, it would be heartless.”

Rachel Leigh also wrote a plotline that seduced you into all the twists, turns, and suspense that ended on a killer cliffhanger. I NEED book three to see how it ends.

“You are perfection personified, and every flaw only makes you that much more desirable. I want every bit of you. Forever.”

You Will Bow by Rachel Leigh!  

My first year at college has been anything but ordinary.
After spending so much energy to trying to protect my secret, I failed to realize it’s not the past I need to fear—It’s my future that’s at stake. I’ve finally found someone who doesn’t judge me for my sins and stays by my side while I trudge through the shadowy corners of my past.
The only problem is, his friends have other plans.
One watches me day and night—painting a picture of a disturbed life together.
And the other is hanging my secret over my head as leverage to aide in his own scheme.
But everyone has a weakness, and that weakness will be mine.

There once was a sicko
who watched me day and night.
His invisible leash,
never let me out of his sight. His friends were unlike him,
one a monster I feared.
The other bled crimson,
with a heart that was pure.  

Coming May 19, 2023
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The Darkness in You by Becca Steele–Release Day and Review

I don’t know about any of you, but I have been waiting forever for Zayde’s story to come out. I have loved the whole series and the world that was written for them, but Zayde has always been an enigma for me.  One I was ready to devour. The Darkness in You is book six in The Four series, told in dual POV, Zayde and Fallon.

I was so extremely happy to finally be able to see inside this elusive, quiet, and mysterious man. I couldn’t wait to see what made this guy tick. I wasn’t ready for seeing the side of Fallon that many don’t get to see. As mysterious and elusive as Zayde is, he has finally met his match with Fallon, and it is a good pairing that I completely wanted more of.

Becca left me an emotional mess with Fallon and Zayde’s journey.  The intertwining of their backstories and congruent storylines, the angst, the anger, the love, the indifference, the heartbreak, this book had it all, including a bittersweet send-off from The Four as this series is now complete. These two come together to overcome all that is piled against them (and let me tell you, there is a massive amount of “things” keeping them apart).

I believe it is safe to say that Ms. Steele wrote the crap out of this book. Any Zayde lovers out there will be proud to read The Darkness in You as she did Zayde justice from beginning to end. The Darkness in You is truly beyond words. If I had to sum it up, it would be stunning, heart-wrenching, shocking, tragic, breathtaking, and brilliant.

Bone Island by Nicole Fiorina–Book Review

Words can not express all that I am feeling after reading Bone Island. I am overcome with emotions. Just like, ‘My beloved black sea’, I am caught between the world of Bone Island/Weeping Hollow and real life.

“Welcome to Weeping Hollow, where monsters called Heathens kill your friends, neighbors, and even children. A town where shadows appear in the middle of the night and murder you while you’re dreaming,”…” This town only lets you be two things: scared or angry,”

This was written so well that I felt like a little voyeur flying between scenes of the city within the pages. Every laugh, cry, the shriek of panic, and insurmountable death was felt at some level. I am left gutted, haunted, and elated.

The story of Stone, Adora, and Stone and Adora as a couple is bittersweet, heartwarming, and full of anguish. Stone sunk me to the bottom of the black sea with the number of trials, tribulations, self-discovery, and heartache that he faced. Stone did me in. He made me fall in love with his imperfectly perfect self.

He didn’t know that it took the love of a special someone to make him feel worthy. Adora is surrounded by family that she loves yet she is drawn to her black sea. The story of these two together is pure heartbreak. For every action, there must be an equal and opposite reaction. As strong as their feelings are together, Nicole shows us the cost of them being together. Immensely heart-tugging from one extreme to the other. I absolutely adored these characters, but I secretly can’t wait for what is next.

“She was a bottomless ocean. The water slipping through your fingers. A mystery caught between fantasy and reality. She was loud, fierce, and invisible.”

Nicole Fiorina, you are a modern poet, stitching words together that flow easily off your tongue, and remain haunted within my brain on repeat. Her lyrical writing was so smooth, it was just like melted butter. You truly have a gift and thank you for sharing your heart, soul, and being with us lowly readers.

“Surrender, my darling insanity.
Suffocate, my sweet emotions.
Pretend. Chin high. Be quiet.
Smile, my pretty lips.
Sink, my homicidal thoughts.”

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We Will Reign by Rachel Leigh–Review

I went into We Will Reign blind. This book is about Riley, while her best friend’s story was seen in Bastards of Boulder Cove. I didn’t feel that I was missing any parts of the story, by not reading BOBC.

Rachel had me hooked on this secret society read.

We Will Reign is a dark humor read that is packed full of steam, stalking, and a heart-pounding thriller. It is a slow burn, why choose that I can’t wait for the second book.

Brutal Empire by C Lymari–Review

I have been longing for Bastian’s book and it’s FINALLY HERE! I needed to see what made this secretive guy tick.
Brutal Empire is the next book in the Sekten series featuring Bas and Cam. This book is twisted, dark, angsty, and full of precarious situations. Despite having triggers from a lifetime of hell, Cam is refreshing. Her motto and mindset are based on revenge. This is something that she and Bas have in common, however, no matter how charming he is, Bas is full of secrets.
Claudia has written two fantastic characters destined for each other, yet there is this ending where it will blow your mind. I MUST HAVE MORE!!

“She was an angel craving chaos, He was a demon seeking peace.”