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Thirty Day Boyfriend by Whitney G

Thirty day boyfriend by Whitney G is a cute, fun and a quick little read revolving around an office romance.

Nicholas A. Wolf is considered the literal Wolf of Wall Street. He is an infuriating workaholic who appears to be very cold and callous.

Emily is his lovable Executive Assistant who is celebrating her two-year anniversary at the opening of the book. She is also a workaholic, but can’t seem to stand working for Mr. Wolf anymore.

When she was hired she had a four-year employment contract, but doesn’t feel like she can handle staying one more day. Without giving away too much, she tries to find another job, but is unsuccessful due to our beloved Mr. Wolf. He comes across a situation revolving around one of his contracts and seeks the lovely Emily for help.

Emily and Nicholas were a riot together. I loved the sexual tension between them which ultimately led to loads of laughs! Whitney G has done it again with another great read!

The Billionaire and the Assistant–Review

The Billionaire and the Assistant: Eli's story (The Billionaires Book 3)The Billionaire and the Assistant: Eli’s story by Gisele St. Claire
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really loved Eli and Alex together (notice I said together). Prior to getting to this point, they spent four years as boss and assistant. Neither wanting to cross the line for fear of losing the other in a professional working relationship.
Eli ends up losing a bet to his friend, Aidan, and he has to ask his assistant to his ex-wife marriage. Despite all of this, he still chickens out and doesn’t do it. Through the magic of writing, they eventually get it together, but I won’t tell you how.
Overall, it was a very nice read, but there were two things that bothered me. 1) Alex is 48 years-old (with a 24 year-old daughter). He’s this billionaire that’s ruthless and a prestigious businessman, but he can’t grow a pair and ask his assistant out. Really? My grandmother always used to say, ‘s*@t or get off the pot’. I can’t tell you how many times I was saying that to him. 2) I was going to say the other thing that irked me was his daughter. Now I understand they had extenuating circumstances at home that turned her into becoming this spoiled princess, but really you’re 24, get it together girl! (Sorry for the mini rant)!
Like I said, despite this I really did enjoy this book. It’s a nice, quick little read with a HEA.

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