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Rebel Howl by Michelle Corchis



Rebel Howl is a unique blend of a book about rock stars (who are shifters) mixed with a romance. Rebel Howl is not your straight shifter romance though. Besides shifters, romance and rock stars, it also encompasses mystery, drama, sex (but no cheating), angst, the emotional up and down while in a relationship, a whole bunch of soul searching and the HEA that one longs for. How they get there though is not your typical adventure. To make this story flow, there are a complete cast of secondary characters that will keep you entertained.

RH revolves around Linc and Savannah. Linc is the alpha of his pack (although loosely named). He has problems/issues and isn’t displaying the positive qualities one wants to see in their alpha. Quite frankly, he has given up. Savannah is a mother who is looking to keep her daughter happy and fed, as well as getting to know a long-lost sister.

In the beginning, Linc is relying on his rockstar image which includes drinking, sex and rock n roll, to get through the day. One day, he had shifted for a run in the woods only to come across a little girl who was crying and scared. Through a series of occurrences, he comes across his mate. Savannah, finally gives him a reason to be a better person. He no longer desires to be the excessive drunk manwhore of his pack. Savannah, on the other hand, isn’t quite sure about him.

Linc is portrayed in not the best of lights, but there was something about that I found endearing. I wasn’t sure of him as a main character prior to meeting this little girl, but afterwards, he made my heart melt. He was sweet and gentle, yet extremely protective and possessive. Keep in mind, that he may display these qualities, but that doesn’t make the book soft and sweet. Rebel Howl is definitely a down and dirty, rough and tough story. With that said, I completely adored this book. It was hard not to root for Linc, once he got his head on straight! I would completely recommend this to you!
couple stars GIFRating: 4.5 stars

Do you believe in ghosts? Eyes On You by Steven Jenkins

Eyes On You: A Ghost Story by [Jenkins, Steven]

I figured I would try something a little out of my wheelhouse and this cover drew me in.  The cover is phenomenal.

This story is about Matt, Aimee and Aimee’s cat, Luna.  Matt is 32 who had been living with his mother due to a tragic event years earlier. Matt and Aimee (24) decide to move in together and from the beginning weird things have started to happen.  While Aimee believes in ghosts, Matt does not. Things continue to escalate for the couple and prove to test their relationship.

For the most part, I enjoyed this story. There were occurrences that one could predict, but for the most part there were a lot of surprise elements. The middle section felt a little sluggish to me, but the ending, holy moley didn’t see that one coming. I would recommend this book to anyone who truly enjoys paranormal/horror stories. I look forward to reading more from Steven Jenkins.