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Strip Me Bare by M. Never–Review

Strip Me Bare Ebook Cover.pngHoly Crap, let me just say a few things. One: I LOVE books about strippers. They just seem to have some sort of baggage that always makes a book great. Two: M. Never is a new to me author and after reading this book, I have figured out that M. Never is now a ‘one-click’ author for me. Three: Fan-tab-u-lous!!

This is a second chance romance that revolves around Alana and Ryan. They had known each other five years previously. They were having a wonderful time getting to know each other and the *poof*, Ryan was gone in a second.

During this time, Ryan went off to do what he felt he had to do, but NEVER forgot about Alana. He felt that she was better off without him.

The following is a motto that was pounded into his head continuously and at times, he believed it.

“The pauper doesn’t end up with the princess, he ends up on his ass.”

Without Ryan, Alana went off to law school and to her father’s delight, she is on track to become a successful lawyer. Even getting an internship at her uncle’s famous law business. While attending school, her life and future is dictated by her father, since he is paying for her schooling, apartment and daily expenses. Alana knows that she has always wanted to be a lawyer, but she gets no encouragement or love from her father. Her surrogate father is her uncle. Like Ryan, she has never stopped thinking about him and wondered ‘what if’.

While attending a bachelorette party for her cousin, she meets the famous ‘Jack the Stripper’. Well the surprise is on her, it’s Ryan Pierce. Why is he stripping? What got him here? What happened in the past five years? What happened to him, that last night they were together?

Strip Me Bare Teaser 2

Ryan and Alana are wonderful together. Strip Me Bare is a very emotional read with moments of hilarity, mixed in with true to life issues. So, what happens now? Are they able to overcome, their issues of the past before they catch up with them? Is there a happy and successful relationship in their future? Do they have a future? Pick up Strip Me Bare to find out.  LOVED IT!!!! I mean, just look at that cover. What a cutie!!

Strip Me Bare Teaser 1.jpg

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Rock Solid by Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde–Review

I was immediately drawn in by the premise of this book. Normally, I’m not a second chance kind of girl, but I’m slowly being reformed. Rock Solid is a wonderful book about not only second chances, but falling in love, resolving trust issues, reuniting father/daughter and searching for one’s own true happiness.

Connor Prescott and Katie Kaswell were snowed in on Valentine’s Day in the Denver airport. He was returning home from business and she was leaving with a broken heart. From the word go, they felt some sort of attraction (not only physical, but an intellectual one as well) and decided to see where it goes. Well, it led to dinner, conversation and a one night stand (neither of which had done before). Throughout this, they maintained anonymity, deciding not to know each other’s name.

Skip to three and a half years later, and Katie has a daughter named Val (short for Valentine, get it, because they met on Valentine’s Day), a career that allows her to work from home and no way to get in contact with the birth father. That is, until she sees him in a magazine one day.

Connor and Katie have many hurdles ahead of them to determine where, if anywhere, this new relationship dynamic will take them. Connor himself is just plain hot and I don’t mean in a descriptive way. He truly embraces the role of ‘newfound daddy’ to the fullest. He is quite successful, but that doesn’t necessarily make him a great catch, he is just a great guy. He jumps in to take care of both Katie and Val and realizes that he can’t push Katie, but needs to sit by patiently to get what he truly wants😉! He has great parenting skills and to see him interact with Val is just ovary overload.

Katie has had trust and abandonment issues in the past and is slow on the reciprocal feelings for Connor. Her main concern is and always should be Val. I must give props to Katie though, because she did take the initiative and contact Connor about being a father. Some women in her situation may not have done the same.

I feel the true gem of the story, though, is Val. She is absolutely an adorable little girl. She is so smart, witty and just plain cute. Her interactions with Connor, both when she didn’t know he was her father and when she did, just stole the show. Oh my gosh, this time, ovary exploding!!

Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde did a fantastic job on this book and I look forward to reading more from them in the future. Rock solid gets a Rock Solid score from me of 5 stars!!

ROCK SOLID AN[10505].jpg

5 stars



Baz by KB Winters–Review

Baz (CAOS MC Book 5)Baz by KB Winters
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Due to conflicting futures in mind, Trina left Baz eleven years earlier. Little did Baz know (or Trina officially), when she left she was pregnant.
Fast forward to present day. Trina wasn’t actually planning on returning home, but it was the place she felt the safest (which will come into play when you read the book). Trina and Jack (their son) accidentally meet each other at the local diner. Baz knew without a doubt Jack was his son. The problem is convincing Trina that he is worthy to be in their lives and the man she originally fell in love with.
I, unfortunately, didn’t get to read the previous books in the series before this one, but that didn’t interfere with the flow of the story. I have since rectified this and bought the past ones simply because I want to read the stories that got these couples to where they are now. Do yourself a favor and one-click this book. You won’t be disappointed.

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Do you ever really get a second chance at love? Blinded by Maya Hughes


Blinded is a second chance love story that surrounds, Gabe & Alex.  Their initial meeting was when Gabe was an actor just starting in the business and Alex was a college student that worked at a diner. They had an ‘insta-love’ attraction with each other from the word go.

They are soon separated, but Gabe left a little piece of him with Alex ;). After some time passed, Gabe soon realizes why he has never heard from Alex and decides to go win her back.

Now I should admit that I’m not usually a fan of second chance romance stories, because I know where the story goes (to a second chance), however Maya Hughes wrote a book that was much more than this type of story.  She pulled out many emotions from her characters that inevitably pulled them out of you.  Now don’t get me wrong, that there were times that I was so frustrated with Gabe and Alex that I just wanted to give them a shake to wake them up, but that is a sign of good writing!

Good job, Maya, I’m looking forward to the next in the series.