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Surprise Daddy by Nicole Snow–review

Surprise Daddy bannerI, believe, I may have found another book boyfriend.  Marshal Howard is flawed with some rough edges. He’s an emotionally haunted man with dark, scarring thoughts that run through his system. He is the town ‘castoff’ (literally, this is one of the names the town calls him).  Marshal may have given up years ago, except for the one piece of sunshine is his life. His four-year-old daughter, Mia. When Marshal is in ‘dad mode’, holy heck, is he one tender, caring, loving and sexy man. He was sexy before in his tainted and broody stage, but when he goes into to dad made, watch out for exploding ovaries!!

Sadie is a twenty-one-year-old college student, who was guilt tripped into dropping out to come home and help take care of her mother. Her older brother couldn’t be bothered to help, so he did what he needed to do so Sadie would come home. Sadie is a very sweet girl, who when able to is able to display her spunky ways. There are issues at home where most everybody walks on eggshells. It’s when she takes a job for the ‘Castoff’, that her true personality comes through. She is Mia’s new nanny, and there’s wonderfully touching scenes between the two.

This is a very multi-dimensional book. It is a romance; however, it is also an angsty, action packed, emotionally brooding read with surprises built in. I enjoyed this book, but there were some plotline issues with inconsistencies. The story pace overall was well paced. However, there were a couple times that seemed to be rushed. I felt that I might’ve blinked to long and missed something. Somethings didn’t feel like they made sense, for example, Sadie’s phlebotomy student position. It almost felt like it was written to just get the initial interaction between Sadie, Marshal and Mia. The last two things that felt out of place, is the actual title of the book and the cover itself. I am COMPLETELY not complaining about the model, because he seems to fit the Marshal mold. Keep in mind, this book is angsty, broody and emotional, I felt like the cover a little too bright and cheerful (brightness wise).

Overall, there were many positives that would overshadow those few hiccups. The interaction between Marshal and Mia, was completely swoon worthy. His love for his daughter is completely evident and show you his true heart underneath all that hurt, despair and pain from ghosts past and present. Once you are done reading, you get a nice ‘Ahhhh’ moment. All issues have been tied up with a little bow and all is as it should be.