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Jaybird by M.A. Foster


Jaybird is a debut novel by MA Foster.  Ms. Foster did a phenomenal job for her first book.  Well done, Ms. Foster, well done.

Jaybird is about Jayla King; whose father is Marcus King.  He is the lead singer of a super successful rock band, Royal Mayhem. Due to this, her parents have been overprotective of her while doing their best to keep her out of the limelight that this atmosphere might bring. Despite being young, she has written many songs off of Royal Mayhem’s newest album titled ‘Jaybird’, play multiple instruments and can sing.

Jayla has many people in her life that love her and care for her.  There are a multitude of characters in this book from her family, friends and fellow peers in high school that help explore the multiple sides of Jayla and her life. These band of characters are interwoven so well in Jayla’s storyline that you can truly feel the scene develop in front of your eyes. Jayla’s personal development is also noticeable from cover to cover.  She has had some major success and happiness while also experiencing some of life’s worst situations. Through all this, you see Jayla come out as a strong woman who will not ‘cower’ from life’s tragedies, but will ‘Conquer’.

Jaybird is a very emotional book that allows you to truly feel ‘the feels’. It is amazing how you can be crying one minute and laughing so hard the next.  (True story: my husband actually asked me if I was ‘ok’, because I was crying and then started laughing.  How dare he insinuate I’m an emotional woman, right!!) In any case, that is good writing!

My favorite quote is from a song that Jayla wrote, called ‘Fight Song’.

“When she sings about scars, she runs her finger across the scar in her hairline. When she sings about pain, she presses her hand over her heart. As the song comes to an end, my girl stands up and flexes her bicep, and points to her “Conquer” tattoo and the whole room erupts in cheers.”

4.5 stars

PS…there is one heck of a good playlist on Spotify that goes along with this book!